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Andaz Vienna

Back in March last year we booked the Andaz in Vienna for our stay in August. I had to wait for bookings to open because the hotel was still being built. We were one of the first bookings made but the hotel opened a few months before we arrived so we weren’t the first to stay. This trip was part of the trip just after Triston’s Grandma died. As I had been in touch with the hotel directly, I let them know that Triston may be sad while we were there. The trip started with a week New York and then we headed for Vienna so I felt it might still be quite raw for Triston and I wasn’t really sure what to do. The hotel gave a cake. They also gave a mini pink bottle of bubbles and a super handy gift of hand sanitiser. Not just any hand sanitiser, a very lovely light spray – a mini bottle each as well as a note pad each. We really like the hand sanitiser, it …

Metallica in Vienna

OK, so I know people going to some of the Australian shows. I don’t want to ruin any surprises. The Oz shows won’t have anything like we had here in Vienna as fa’s as the crowd but they also won’t have the smoking so win some and lose some. So many people. So so many people. More people on the floor than the entire population of Dubbo, where I went to high school. More people. It was crazy for me to think this one concert had twice as many people as the “city” I went to high school. Twice or more than twice as many, as the current population which is a lot more than when I actually went to high school. All of my favourite songs were played, they missed TW’s favourite but that should be in the show in September so no big loss. Once we got tickets to Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra we thought about skipping this show because that is the show I really wanted to see. I …


Vienna: the city of brutal statues, as far as I can tell. Charmingly horrific. Slightly unexpected. Not out of place given the age of the city. August 2019 was our first time in Vienna. It is just beautiful. I probably still prefer Prague. We didn’t have a huge amount of free time, or energy, to explore Vienna so I can see it growing on me. One of our flatmates/tenants mentioned if she couldn’t get Permanent Residency in Australia she might try and study and apply for it in Vienna. I sent her a message right away to let her know that sounds like a great back up plan.