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Lolypols vomited this morning

So, I didn’t sleep great and maybe Lola didn’t either. She got up at 6am when I got up and I don’t really remember her eating but I was aware when she started to vomit. She isn’t a vomit cat, though my mum says that while she was at the farm without us she did often eat then vomit. Maybe she has picked up … Read More Lolypols vomited this morning

Lola has a limp

Noooo! We went out just for a little bit and she was in her bed – a tower jungle gym She loves it. LOVES is. She came to meet us at the door, after we were both inside. I noticed that she limped and said something like “what the hell”. TW was like what – he had left the room by the time she … Read More Lola has a limp

Lola likes the beef

One thing in short supply in Singapore is beef cat food. Lola used to eat dine or fancy feast. We would get her a range of seafood, chicken and beef options. Not with cheese, she doesn’t like those and not turkey or lamb. Just chicken, not too much chicken, tuna, salmon, seafood generally and beef. She loves beef but too many in a row … Read More Lola likes the beef

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Vetmobile – Singapore

When Lola arrived we got Vetmobile to come out and do up a new script and generally check up on her. She had just been through vets for the international move. We weren’t at any of those appointments so being with a vet and asking questions was comforting but we needed to get the script for her asthma anyway so we may as well … Read More Vetmobile – Singapore

+ Lola is cute

Do you think Lola misses the farm?

Cat was being a silly head last night. She was snooping around the wardrobe and started to make a bed in something she shouldn’t be digger her claws into so I picked her up. When I picked her up she saw the up spot so I had to let her go up.  Lola loves up, she sat down and took stock of all her … Read More Do you think Lola misses the farm?

+ 3 months celebration TW on the Skyway

3 months living in Singapore, can you beleive​ it?

3 months. Wow, where did the time go?! We have been in Singapore, as expats for 3 whole months. To celebrate, I was up late finishing off our application for what I cannot talk about. Before that, we went to Gardens By the Bay. Our first time on the skyway. TW hilariously got stuck behind people gripping both sides of the walkway. When it … Read More 3 months living in Singapore, can you beleive​ it?

Cat grass update

You may all remember my post about getting and growing cat grass for Lola. Well, she loves it. The grass itself has survived a lot longer than I thought it would. Lolypols tends to destroy and demolish grass any other time. Generally, she waits until we touch it before being interested. Every now and then she will take it upon herself to have a … Read More Cat grass update

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Lolypols is the best

Lola is the best. So cute and cuddly. TW was away Tuesday night in KL and he got home and took her spot. It looks like she is cuddling him and happy but actually, her eyes are open. She is giving the ‘get out of my spot’ stare. He couldn’t see that though lol. She has been a little adventurous with her smelling. A … Read More Lolypols is the best

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Singpost & Lola’s asthma spacer

On the 7th of Feb Lola’s spacer was marked as delivered but we didn’t receive it. I have been arguing with both Singpost and Auspost since because she needs the spacer. The package had listed on it in the contents declaration that it was an asthma spacer. It was the first thing I said when chasing them about the package. Friday I had an … Read More Singpost & Lola’s asthma spacer

Flixotide in Singapore

Lola has Asthma which we control with Flixotide. My mum sent her spacer over mid-January so that we would have it for her arrival. The vet sent a new script to switch her to tablets to control it while she was without the spacer. This also covered her for the couple of days she had in Sydney. It is easier to give her a … Read More Flixotide in Singapore