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Yay, TW gets back today

First time TW has been away since we moved in. He was away for Valentine’s day. Cat is here and missing him too. We had a nice day yesterday but I know she likes us both. So yay, he gets back today.

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First​ Valentine’s Day in Singapore

Happy Valentines day everyone. TW is away for work so Lola is my Valentine and she is lapping it up. Such a cutie. She won’t dress up for it. That’s fine, we live her just the way she is.

Moving our cat overseas from country NSW to Singapore

We have officially and successfully moved our cat from Australia to Singapore. She was with us in Sydney but has been living with my parents since August 2018. I was with her at my parents’ farm until our move to Singapore. TW was commuting between Sydney and the farm. The problem was that my parents were moving so I was with her to settle … Read More Moving our cat overseas from country NSW to Singapore

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Chinese New Year Singapore 5 day weekend

So Lola was set to arrive after the 5 day long weekend because we would likely go away. It wouldn’t be fair to her to have her arrive and then abandon her while we went on holidays. We left booking a trip late, as previously discussed. Because of that, we decided we would take a day trip or short break in Malaysia. Well, what … Read More Chinese New Year Singapore 5 day weekend

Lola is in Singapore – Lolypols is here! Yay yay yay

I can’t tell you how exciting it is that Lola is in Singapore She used the bathroom within minutes of arriving. I went to the toilet and she came with me and I don’t know if it was out of habit or need, she tends to follow me in and go when I go, but she went. Usually, after a long and stressful car … Read More Lola is in Singapore – Lolypols is here! Yay yay yay

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Lola the ragdoll cat flies from Sydney to Singapore today

Today Lola will be on her first international flight (and yes it is Qantas) from Sydney to Singapore. All by herself. Talk about stressful. I think everyone is super stressed about today. I have the notifications that she is checked in for her flight. Check in was at 8:30am. She has been charming people into pats and cuddles like I thought she would. We … Read More Lola the ragdoll cat flies from Sydney to Singapore today

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Lola – health check complete.

As part of the immigration process, Lola had to have a health check and certain treatments. These have to be completed two days prior to arrival in Singapore. Once administered she couldn’t have any visitors. The treatment is for worms and fleas and the health check is a general assessment that she is fit an healthy. It isn’t a complete health check, our own … Read More Lola – health check complete.

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Lola Dubbo to Sydney complete

Lola has now successfully arrived in Sydney after her flight this morning. It was an early day for her and Dad, she had to be at the airport at exactly 5am and about an hour drive to get there. Mum was stressing all morning. TW and I slept in because we went to CNY celebrations last night and then watched abducted in plain sight … Read More Lola Dubbo to Sydney complete

Stress + Netflix binge

So I have been super stressed about Cat’s trip. I think my parents, at least my mum shares the stress. She was the one that had to drive Lola back to the farm from the village house. Dad is more stress over details but not so much over things you can’t control. TW’s Aunties are also super stressed about it. The stress was too … Read More Stress + Netflix binge

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Cat grass is growing

Just a couple days in and it has started to grow nicely. It isn’t as thick as the packaging implied but at least there will be something. It is going to be decimated in seconds. Cat has to forgive us first though. So who knows when that will be. Less than a week but still a couple days before phase two starts. Click here … Read More Cat grass is growing