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Metallica Vienna Back in August we saw Metallica in Vienna. My phone has issues uploading the videos. Eventually I… Metallica in Vienna OK, so I know people going to some of the Australian shows. I don’t want to ruin… Vienna


New Zealand

Our next trip to New Zealand is April 2020. We are going on a little bit of a road trip with my parents. Triston is arriving later than us but we will still have my birthday altogether. Park Hyatt Auckland Just booked the Park Hyatt in Auckland for April. Our dates are about… Hobbiton here we come! Ok, it will be some time before we actually get to Hobbiton but…

jakarta protests


Protests in Jakarta Read More » Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge Read More » Pikachu – Standard Class Cinema XXI Plaza Indonesia Read More » Velvet class CGV Cinema at Jakarta Grand Read More » Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool Read More » Jakarta Read More »

Hawaii Halekulani Ocean View Room


Honeymoon trip July and August 2017 The missing honeymoon days are posted on the Canada page, or you can also go to the main honeymoon page. Honeymoon first 24 hours Honeymoon – day two Honeymoon – day three Honeymoon – day four Honeymoon – day five Honeymoon – day thirteen Honeymoon – day fourteen Honeymoon – day fifteen Honeymoon – ramblings

TW Canada Map


Honeymoon trip July & August 2017 The missing honeymoon days are posted on the Hawaii page, or you can also go to the main honeymoon page. One day we will manage to get back to Canada. When we do I will have more to post in here. I am excited for that day!

Tikehau French Polynesia

French Polynesia

We booked to go to French Polynesia in Jan 2018 when we booked our London Trip. I had a status credit offer on Qantas flights and Qantas had a sale for both Pape’ete and London. French Polynesia, or Tahiti as I call it, is a bucket list destination for us. The island specifically we all want to go to is Bora Bora. Our 2018 resolution is “no boring bits” so we jumped on the sale. Triston already had annual leave for another holiday that we had planned but cancelled. Points tickets, one way, to South Africa. We cancelled because the dates are over Easter. April 16, 2017 was Easter Sunday but April 16 2018 is a long time after Easter Sunday. Our Easter holiday makes it awkward to also celebrate my birthday or our anniversary with days off. My birthday is the 12th and our anniversary the 16th April, as mentioned above. Yes, those days are only 4 days apart but they are both weekdays and getting more time off is difficult so we thought …