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House Hunters International – a fresh start in Singapore

In September 2018 before our December move to Singapore, I applied for House Hunters International. I wasn’t sure if that was too late given it would take a lot of effort and coordination. At that time we didn’t know much about show or filming process. So when December came and we hadn’t heard back from them, we assumed that we were not selected. Which was fine. Our Episode “A Fresh Start in Singapore” is set to debut (US time) Nov 8 10:30pm 2019. The time changed by half an hour. Originally 10:30 pm but brought forward to 10 pm. Exciting. And then today we have been told it is back to the 10:30pm slot. Well, we don’t really know how to watch it. We don’t have HGTV on our cable tv. It isn’t even an option. It’s not that we don’t have it with our package, it just isn’t available. I am not sure if we can watch it online. Waiting for the link will be fine, probably. Lucky for us, we have a lot …