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Plumbing repairs begin

Yay, we have the plumber here to fix the broken pipe. Now that the wall is off it appears it was two separate issues. Main bathroom was the leak through the ceiling. Ensuite breech pipe with the crack causing the shower to drip at a fairly high flow rate. Two things. Triston is still working and given it is Monday he had a full on day. Back to back meetings. With the bathroom works happening in ‘our’ bedroom and the couch, dining table and any decent work space all now gone from the lounge room he took to working under the stairs. I’ve always felt the space was big enough for a small office, if only you didn’t have to crawl to get into it. Just 10 more days of bathroom repairs to go.

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Late-night gumtree sales

On Saturday we sold our dining table and “desk”. The bench seats for the dining table to another buyer. Our lounge, with about an hours notice and then they were delayed but still, slight drama with the loading dock as it was already early evening. Thinking the lounge was the last item to sell that day, collection after 7pm, we had dinner and settled on the floor to watch tv. Laughing at how little furnishings we had let. We were wrong though, the TV sold at 9:50pm for a 10:30pm pick up. I think they guys were high, maybe they thought we were. Who buys or sells a tv at 10pm on a Saturday night. You would think we all had something better to do. Maybe it was our fault for deciding 9:45pm was a good time to list it for sale. The guys were in the lobby before they realised they forgot the remote. They did get to take the TV cabinet, handy for them and us, but I had to run them down …

Gumtree selling

Gumtree is super frustrating. People came bought things, said they wanted everything. Came back and paid and took a few more things and were organising a van to take the rest of what they wanted. Then they couldn’t get it when we were home, even though we are home all the time. They just wanted us to wait here and not go back to Singapore and not get the apartment signed over to the hotel. Just sit here and wait without rent, until they were ready to collect. I said no. Come when we are here or they can’t have it. After a few days they said they wanted it again and they would come on Saturday to get it. They also said they would only get the stuff if they could have everything, some items had been resold pending payment and collection. So, stupidly I sent messages to the new people wanting to buy certain items. Literally the second after I hit send on those messages I get a message to say this person …

Flight change fee

Paying change fees on flights is bad enough. Having to pay an additional fare difference because the current airfare is less than you paid and airlines just can’t handle that so you have to upgrade to the one higher than you have. Now that is the worst. Additional airfare plus an admin fee for the change when you could buy the new flight for less than you paid. SUCKS. Debating if it is worth it while also buying tickets to the Fight Fire concert so now committed to staying longer. I guess we have to suck it up and pay. I guess worse yet is that it isn’t even my flight. It is Triston’s. I didn’t book a flight home because we aren’t sure yet when I can go home. Triston is extending his stay because we aren’t organised enough. He is working from home and his days are full, randomly I am also very busy with work. Good but frustrating to see so little getting done at the flat. Couch for sale – cat …

Packing up over a year later

When we moved to Singapore, tenants had already taken over our apartment. Essentially everything you can think of was in the apartment and left for our tenants. Now as we are in the process of handing the apartment over to the hotel, we have to sort through and sell, move, pack or dispose of those items. Ergh! It is really difficult to sell and get rid of everything you own while you are using the items. Selling a lounge, bed, pots, pans and living in the apartment = difficult. Using old and new photos because taking photos is time consuming. It is all just time consuming. Deciding if we want it and if we do is it worth packing in luggage. Just absolutely draining and boring and time consuming. Well, not much longer to go now. Fingers crossed everything gets done before the power is cut.

Breach, membrane, plumbing

Issues. We have almost worked out who pays for the repairs, us or the building. Very soon we should know. Only a few days in Sydney and trying to catch up with friends, work, get our bathroom repaired, see family, make calls, it’s hard. We haven’t had chance to relax or go into holiday mode. But we are getting somewhere. Crossing things off the list of things to do. It is nice. Hopefully the bathroom issues and who needs to repair it is sorted out tomorrow and then we can plan from there.

Waiting on a plumbers report

We spoke with the building manager today. Well, I did, Triston was in a work meeting (phone meeting). We need the plumbers report to say what is wrong. Once we have that the building manager can tell us if it is them or us who have to pay for the damage. He told us if it is one thing, the building covers that, if it is another we pay for that. Almost a week after we were told we would get the report, we got a rushed one. The plumbers decided that they would dictate what our strata by laws deem as their responsibility and what wouldn’t and didn’t bother to give details of the tests performed. So, Triston called them back but it was after hours. That report isn’t useful. I don’t know why they would make assumptions about who covers what, the owner or the building. Some Strata’s are very different. Our building has a budget for any apartment with the original bathrooms for their water proof membrane thing. I believe they are …

Gah, leaks

Leaks, leeeeaaaaks. We have had to change our flights at Christmas to deal with the never ending leak issue. Today we were told it was due to a busted pipe and will cost a lot to repair. So let’s see. Our rush home can’t happen until next week because our tickets are booked with points but we will get there as soon as we can.

Property manager for invetments

Three investment properties, three very different locations. Only two with a property manager because we lived in one. The one we lived in, we shared with flatmates. Those flatmates rented the whole apartment from us when we left. Now, they are moving out. One moved out in July and the other will leave in February because her visa can’t be extended. She tried for PR but missed the deadline under the old rules and doesn’t qualify under the new rules. With that we have started the process of checking if the hotel that manages apartments in our building would be able to add ours to their stock. It is actually very handy having the hotel onsite. We have property managers as well, for the standard residential lease if the hotel cannot take it. The hotel even mentioned the capital works that need to be done, like air conditioning being installed, might be absorbed into our agreement. That was very interesting. Now, to get a rent appraisal and a hotel appraisal and see where we stand. …

Ongoing leak

I have referred to a leak in our apartment previously. We can’t believe it is still an issue. We had a plumber in back in April to service all taps, reseal and replace the old taps. Yet we still have an issue. About September a washer was found to be completely broken so it was replaced. Earlier this month tiles were re-grouted along with resealing around the tap ware. I am not sure if the issue is actually resolved or the real leak located yet but come February we will be after new tenants. Which might just be the hotel so we need to make sure all of these issues are fixed. Considering we have three investment properties, we haven’t had too many issues during this first year overseas. The one is Sydney is the biggest concern any time something happens because it has the biggest loan. If it goes unrented it causes the most financial pain. We are hopeful it will soon be sorted out properly and we have started to put a plan …