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Argh, elementor or wordpress (or both) updated in some manner and now one of my pages doesn’t work. I can’t even get into the page to edit the content. Super frustrating. The pages don’t load on the site. I can’t edit. If I want to change that, I need to upgrade to pro. Possibly. I am not even sure if upgrading to elementor pro fixes the issue. Now I need to try and work out what content was on those pages and how I can get wordpress to display those pages in the same manner. I do not know if I can do that. It might require finding the code and pasting it in as a html and then editing but man oh man I don’t know that I can get the code because the page errors. I only randomly found out last night. I did have an email a week or so (could be months, I can’t follow time) about the website being down. I wonder if that is when this change came into …

Re-learning wordpress

So, I was super busy with life and I have a few posts to push through to publish. Sadly for me I have forgotten how to use the blog category menus. I have them set up on the page but I have widgets on my front page and those also use categories. A post that I wanted to file under a certain menu option was showing on my home page and I don’t want it there. I know that I learned how to change this but I couldn’t remember how to do it. Ok. I worked it out. So for my front page widgets, I need categories. That is how I arrange the posts. By their categories. These categories need to be specific for just the front page. I have a post called Travels with Nan, a menu with the same name and a category as well. I posted about having a quick catch up in Sydney with Nan. Yes, I forgot photos of us, but I put it under the category “travels with Nan”. …

Relaunch – some things I’ve learnt

Hi everyone! My site is back up and running. To say I am a beginner when it comes to wordpress, website building, or most things technology related for that matter, would be an overstatement. I thought I would share a few things I have learnt, if you want to start or redo a blog page. Take the link from the new blog post after it has been saved but before it has been published. For example, I just hit “save draft” on this page. The view post link isn’t the actual link that the page will show. It is a place holder for the moment. If you copy that link address: It is actually a blog post number. Almost a short link. The copied address is actually: If you link to posts with this short link address rather than the one that it is assigned once posted, even if you change the name, address or format of the addresses – as I have done – the link will still direct you to the right …


Tomorrow I will be turning the website back on. People have still been able to find posts and pages. I thought it would all be shut down in maintenance mode but it seems that isn’t true. Fewer people are finding it but people are still finding it. It is nice that my little website has something to offer. Generally about the Cinema in Jakarta or the ribs at the Andaz in Singapore, but still that is something. I googled both, so I get it.

Picking a theme

From when I first started my blog through to now, I have had troubles understanding what theme I should use. I liked some demo pages and dismissed others based on my colour preference. My lack of understanding about how things work together generally made it difficult for me to see the features beyond their displayed set up colour scheme. Very basic of me but the truth. I am not much better now, I still picked a theme I thought was pretty. Zuki is the theme I currently have active. I think if it was a free one I would have used it to set up the blog initially. It is a paid or premium theme, I have a paid account so it is included for me now. Given I have over 400 posts, it is kind of a huge task to go through and reorganised, link, set up the page. I had manually added posts to either posts or pages as a pseudo-menu system. Now I can use widgets and categories or tags for the …

Building the new website

Just as I think I understand, I confuse myself all over. The front page is looking fresh, except for an error in the theme code. I have tried to find it, someone else has already raised it as an issue. It might be something on my end triggering it. Triston couldn’t see it in the code. It works on other websites but I might have different plug ins active. The issue is a huge amount of white space between the slider image and the next section of the page. Also, I have the disappearing images problem. The first image will show but anything after that disappears as the slider moves on. If you know a fix or use Zuki and can help I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, I will hope someone responds on the help page. I don’t think we will work out how to fix it ourselves. Worst case is that I just have to live with it.

New WordPress theme coming

My site is currently offline, with a new plugin installed to put up a page to say under maintenance. For some reason people can still see posts. I am not entirely sure what that is about but it is ok. I am working on a new way to operate the page. It is what I was after originally but I didn’t know how to do it. I spoke to some WordPress people and have a slightly better idea now. It still won’t be exactly what I pictured but at least I have a bit more of a clue on how things work and how they will be organised. That is really what I was after. I am sure it will be great once it is done.

WordPress + Safari

Anyone else have trouble with WordPress in Safari? Mine won’t load anymore and I don’t know how to fix it. It wouldn’t be an issue if Grammarly worked properly in chrome. But it doesn’t so my blog updates are really going to be tough. I wanted to check everything as I went through but nope it only works sometimes. Any help/advice out there on how to get everything working together so I can update and correct as I go?