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Good morning, happy anniversary

I am back. Daily? Maybe. More and more will be in Korean as I learn the words. I know the alphabet (한글) but I know limited words and I don’t know the sentence structure. Meaning, I can sound words out because I understand the alphabet and the sounds the letters make. But, I have no concept of what most words mean. Welcome (back) everyone and thank you. I haven’t posted in months but the blog has been quite active in my absence. That was genuinely surprising to me and I hope you found some information helpful or entertaining. Here we go: I usually wake up between 3am and 5am… Thanks to some accidental training of Lola once we moved to the bigger apartment. Oops. My fault.I do get super tired about 9am and 1pm. So tired. But. When I can I nap around 1pm. This morning, not because of Lola, I woke up at 1:30am. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t so I decided to properly get up and listened to SHINee …

Axe throwing Singapore

Last night we went with a small group of friends (a couple and a single because groups are limited to 5) to axe throwing. At first it was super scary because of the loud bang and things bouncing back. The axes couldn’t really bounce back further than the wood chips but if they hit the wood chips with force those did fly back a lot further. Triston managed to get some to hit his foot, closed toed shoes though so he was fine. Both of the boys managed to axe their axe. I don’t know how they did it but they got one on the board and then their next throw was one of the little axes and it stuck into the wooden handle not the board. We didn’t take score but if we had, I don’t know how those would have scored. Is it more points, no points, less? We all landed some decent shots, everyone got a bullseye at some point. It was fun for a unique activity to do as a group. …

High tea booking

Today Andaz (and Grand Hyatt) Singapore launched a sale, hotel rooms, dining and spa. One of the best value deals was the high tea. I booked two dates and sent a message out to see if anyone wanted to join me. So many people wanted to join that I ended up with more then 5 tables worth of people looking to join. We can’t have more than 5 people in any one booking due to covidsafe rules so rather than cancel all the extra tables I booked different dates for everyone. The special makes the high tea almost half price $34 a person including fees and taxes. High tea is always a little pricier than I would like but it is probably for good reason, if it was really affordable I would eat it far too often. My first booking is for Sunday. This was the day I really wanted to go as people who live near me are attending but a sixth person asked if they could join so I said they could have …

Universal Studios Singapore lines during COVID19

Once again we headed to Universal, on a Thursday. This time I took some photos of the listed wait time on rides and the actual queue size where I could. After high tea on Saturday where I said I would pay attention because two ladies have younger daughters so they wanted more info on the kids rides. So, here we go. We didn’t arrive until 6:30pm. No free popcorn this time. It was a lovely evening, not as hot as last time we were here. Initially, we went to the left, via Madagascar because the rides for shorter people seem to be more on this side of the park. The wait time said 15 minutes, not one person in the line. Characters were out – that was the biggest line and most people we had seen to that point. Over to Shrek, the rollercoaster there did have a bit more of a wait and there were certainly people in the queue. Wait time said 25 minutes but with lines needed to social distance it is …

Baja Chicken burger

I felt like a Black Tap Baja grilled chicken sandwich but I couldn’t be bothered going to Black Tap so we made our own. It was a lot of effort but also a lot cheaper and we have enough salsa now for a few days. Last nights dinner: I added mango salsa on mine, Triston didn’t want any because he doesn’t like mango. It was so super tasty!

Universal Studios last night

Covid19 safety precautions are in place. Bookings are required, hours are shortened, capacity is limited to a maximum of 25%. Rides are cleaned each and every time, lines have markings for safe distancing waiting. On entry we were given a voucher for a free popcorn from another guest. They didn’t want it, we were confused but Triston took it. We headed over to the roller coasters and waited in line for one. The line wasn’t super long, less than the hour wait it suggested. After the coaster, we did a lap of the park, got the popcorn and left. There really wasn’t a whole lot of people around but it was a bit hot and humid and we hadn’t had dinner so we headed home. The popcorn was tasty. Thank you to the person who gave it to us.

Singapore National Day 2020

Today is Singapore’s National day. I was going to order a cake for it, a unicorn cake with a mask on. I couldn’t decide on the flavours so I didn’t end up ordering. Things have been a lot different this year, I didn’t look up the program because last year it was sold out months in advance and I think for citizens only but I am not sure on that. We were up and out early today but it was starting to heat up too much so we headed home. Just as we got home, the tanks rolled down the street. Oh well. We did see them slightly and it was literally 1 minute after we got home so we could have been on the street if we knew. No big deal, we saw a lot of the practices last year. We weren’t here for it on the day because we were in New York watching Bare Naked Ladies and Hootie and the Blowfish but we had a lot of viewings. This year there wasn’t …

Kicked the coffee table

Pretty sure I broke a toe. Last night I walked straight into the leg of the coffee table, which some gusto. I didn’t see it, smacked two toes and based on the pain and bruising it seems I broke one of them I do have photos but feet photos are gross plus also it wasn’t very clear. Hard to take a photo of a possible broken toe and have it show up clearly. Hurts like hell, couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Bruised all around the toe. I’m not going to seek medical attention because there isn’t anything they can do really. But. I am like 67% sure it broke.