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Little house

Last night Triston told me that on Sunday he complained to the government body in Singapore about noise. When we looked at moving to this apartment we could hear the generator for the office/workers quarters now on the building site behind us. He complained about the noise of the generator because it is all night long and it is over a certain level of decibels with two sets of windows closed, one set is double glazed. Today, a little house was built. It wasn’t finished completely but they built the frame and put on a sound shield roof. I watched them build it, thinking it was a great idea. Not knowing it was from Mr Complains-a-lot. They were probably looking up at me, looking down at them, thinking I was the complainer. I didn’t even know a complaint was lodged. They managed to get just one side sheet of paneling on before knock off, but it did make a decent difference. The sound wall is not complete just yet. They tried to get that done …

Bye-bye apartment

I got a little sad today, we did the last clean of the apartment. It was a nice and cozy home, big enough for us. Not exactly big enough for visitors or for two people at home all day. I work on Australian time and it became very difficult with Triston sleeping while I needed to do things. So, we have to do a quick check, the apartment was basically cleaned and finished off yesterday but we need to check. We have booked a dinner out for tonight to farewell the old apartment and celebrate the new one? Probably just because there was a special promotion on and it was ending so happened to fall on the same day we say goodbye.

Moving complete

Yesterday was a public holiday, we got up early and got the couch. Not super early. We got the couch in the morning. Today, Saturday, we spend the morning cleaning the old apartment. I got a little sad. Triston complained about noise coming in from outside and I thought it was going to be a whole ordeal. He is so annoying when he fixates on sound, like as if he has ever lived anywhere that was actually quiet. He hasn’t. Not one apartment in Sydney was quiet, his family home isn’t quiet, especially not in summer when he had the window air conditioner on. If anyone has a right to complain about ambient noise, it is me, who grew up in the middle of no where without neighbours or cars on the road. It doesn’t bother me though. I don’t find it noisey. At least is isn’t a Guinea fowl screaming “wake up” at the first sign of dawn. Anyway, we got the couch moved Friday morning and cleaned our old apartment this morning. No, …

Moving day

Thursday, the day of the inspection. Potential tenant inspection, not moving out inspection. I was woken up at about 3am by Lola. I didn’t take her with me but I did go down to our original apartment. Our couch and TV are there. I didn’t want to wake Triston so it seemed to make sense to go down. Slowly I started to move things up to the apartment. I put them just inside the kitchen door so that I didn’t make too much noise. Oh, our new apartment has two entrances, both on the bottom level. One in the kitchen and one, with the house number, at the lounge room door. The bedroom we slept in was above the lounge room and it is the furtherest door from the lift so I used the kitchen door. I did about 10,000 steps worth of moving things until 6:30am when, I left both apartment keys in our old apartment and was now locked out of the new and the old one. It was a warm morning but …

Moving stuff to make Lola happy

Yesterday, I had great plans of moving everything while Triston was working, I decided to walk Lola up to the apartment. I thought it would be another fun adventure for her, like the night before. She went up tot he roof and then back down to the apartment then but I managed to have her skip the roof this time. However, when we got to the floor (via the stairs) of our new apartment, just up one level, the cleaner was cleaning the walk way. At first Lola was ok and we progressed about half way down the hallway. I was carrying our shoe rack. Something nice and light but my hands were full. Suddenly Lola freaked out so I put down the rack and picked her up to calm her. She just wanted to go back in the stairwell, so my throat got used as a launch board for her to try and jump and flee. I was holding her and she dangled, from my throat. It felt like a huge bloody scratch but …

Apartment cleaned, nothing moved

Yesterday, well last night, we just did a disinfect and clean. We didn’t move anything and didn’t move Lola. It really didn’t take long to clean everything, especially with the robotmopuum because we could set her off on a disinfectant mop and vacuum run and clean everything else ourselves while she was working on the floors. It took maybe an hour so a couple of hours later we took Lola up for a look while we tried to work out what, where and how we would moved things up. Lola enjoyed the walk and the exploring but she was happy to be back home in our apartment. As soon as she got in our door, she jumped on the bed and flopped in a very content manner. This is slightly concerning, will she stress out about moving? Have we made the wrong decision here. I am starting to get a little worried but I am mostly excited because the apartment is much bigger and brighter and a kitchen with eat in dining room will be …

Got keys today

We have someone coming to inspect our apartment on Thursday so I mentioned it might be easier for them to look without the cat. Maybe the house smells like cat food etc which could put people off. We don’t officially move until the first of August but the property manager tended to agree. So, we got the key to allow us to clean/dust the new apartment before Lola moves in, to make sure she doesn’t have an asthma attack on moving. Then we will move her in to air out our apartment before someone comes to look. We aren’t exactly sure if we should move everything or just Lola or somewhere in between. If we moved Lola we would sleep in the new apartment. Either way, we have the keys and we have to start with the cleaning to make sure she doesn’t get set off with an asthma attack. The apartment is clean but it has been empty about a month so we just want to dust and also disinfect.

Friday night dinner

Once a month seems enough for the eating out. Maybe too often. Everything is so busy now. We have low community cases compared to the dorm cases but not all are linked. It is around and people have been in our area while infectious so we still try and avoid going out. We had Monster Curry, it was great. Triston didn’t want to wait for a photo, I told him not to wait. Haha, his 1 heart worth of heat. He would ask for no heat but he thinks the staff will laugh. When I get the curry, I usually get 2 or 3 hearts of heat and they always give it to him and me the 1 heart. They watch us swap and Triston hangs his head. I told him to stop worrying so much. Just get no heat. He said he enjoyed it this time.

We had another look

Yesterday we had another look at the 2 bedroom apartment and came to an agreement with the price. I didn’t get the message with the final figures (stamp duty, updating the bond etc) until well after office hours. We thought we were all locked in but I think I had to agree to that, a slightly anxious wait is ahead of us over the weekend. I probably could send a message now to say it is all fine but it is the property managers weekend as well so I will wait until Monday. Yay. So many good spots for Lola.