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The circuit breaker is over!

Yay! Day one of phase one. I thought with the moving in of the 5 demountable container offices/rooms that the construction site would be buzzing with activity this morning. It isn’t. Possibly, they are in the process of submitting the safe work data to the multi-ministry task force to request to reopen and restart works. It isn’t just a given here, construction has to apply to be allowed to open. They have to put forward a plan as to how they will keep the workers safe. I thought last night people would be moving in this morning and everything starting up again today. Things really just can’t happen that quickly. Maybe all the staff need to be tested before they can move in? Maybe they don’t have the permission to do anything yet and need to provide further safe guards. There was some good news last night. Zero new cases in the community. No preschool teachers, nursing staff or nursing home residents tested positive either. Just workers in the dorms. I don’t know if they …

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 28

Day 28. Twenty EIGHT! Ok. To celebrate. Afternoon snack of doughnuts. Indian for dinner. Delivered from the Tekka Centre in Little India. Just because we are in lockdown, doesn’t mean I don’t love a bargain. Yeah, it was all pretty tasty. And for a few dollars a dish, you really can’t go wrong. Half is left over for tomorrow. Bad thing about left overs is tomorrow we can go to the shops together to get groceries and now we don’t need to. We will go for a morning walk though, I think. Meanwhile. Shortly after dinner, the building site behind us had some activity. It looks like they have the approval to open up but they may have to house their staff onsite. I guess they could be site offices but I thought they were already set up. We will find out in a few days I guess. Either people will be living there, or not. Fairly decent sunset tonight as well. Yay. 28th Day. Whoop whoop.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 27

I know a lot of countries started to exit their lockdowns before us. Most having gone into lockdown before Singapore but that doesn’t reduce my excitement about one day being able to go outside together and not worry, or dine in at a restaurant again. Mostly because I have been craving one place and it is a little far away, and burgers, so wouldn’t make for a good delivery meal option. Different countries have different cases, situations, plans. I am not excited globally because I think some countries are exiting without really having hit the milestones to exit. They didn’t ramp up equipment or free up space in hospitals. Their cases haven’t really decreased. They have death ratios over 10% but still some countries forge ahead. Singapore, I have heard Australian and UK/USA news reports having said Singapore lost the battle. It was a leader and then failed. It delayed the curve (which is what all countries were aiming for) but didn’t success in suppressing it. It was lauded as a poster child, on both …

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 26

Today we had Maccas for dinner. That’s McDonald’s/Mickey D’s for the non Aussies out there. I don’t know how American’s ended up with such a long nickname for it but the fact they fall over when they hear Aussies call it Maccas and they can’t work out where it is without being told blows my mind. They had a coconut pie. I was excited. It did not disappoint. Something I forget that Maccas even offers is the Filet-o-Fish. Even though one of my friends loves them. Something that I am sure can be ordered anywhere the fish burger is offered but I have never seen on the menu before is the double Filet-o-fish. Seems a bit extreme to me but it appears they are popular enough to be on menu boards all over Singapore. Apple pie, custard pie, coconut pie. Singapore maccas has everything. Though custard and coconut are special promotions.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 24

Ooooh, interesting. We got a new/updated announcement on how the phase one (end to the circuit breaker) is going to go down, and it is actually a lot more relaxed than previously indicated. Triston and I can go outside together again. Woohoo. Walks here we come. It could also end in June, if infections stay low. I think a line was missing from the update but I think the plan is still a minimum of four weeks. That does mean we could still be in June, I suspect it might be 5 weeks minimum though. I like the line: As we have seen both locally and overseas, it takes only a single person acting irresponsibly to cause a cluster.  We do have to wear masks outside of the house. That is fine with me, we get to go for walks again, have to be happy with that. I am not prepared for this! So soon!

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 23

Oh, I forgot. On Sunday, we had a random delivery at about 9pm. We had already eaten and hadn’t ordered anything except for some medicine for Lola which isn’t expected any time soon and not on a Sunday at 9pm for sure. Our phone rang, which is essentially our buzzer and we just ignored it. I was already ready for bed so I wasn’t going to get up and Triston claims he doesn’t know how it works so he wouldn’t go and buzz the person in or talk. Then, Triston’s phone rang. It was a delivery, for us. Not a random call to get into the building. Not a mistaken identity. Us. It happened to be Hari Raya so we thought maybe someone was sending us something for that. I think the timing was half coincidental but it was home made cake from one of the people Triston kind of mentored at work. Banana cake and sugar cookies. Both very nice. Delivered by a delivery driver, it seemed so much effort for someone to go …

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 22

Wow, less than a week of the CB extension left now. Still, not much changes. If we had grandparents in Singapore we could visit them but we don’t so not much changes. Lola wasn’t into working today. She seemed to be protesting Triston working. She sulked all day until I put her up in the cupboard. She was so happy to have found a new spot, she stayed up there in that spot all afternoon. I think for 6 hours actually. I wonder how she will go tomorrow. She is possibly getting sick of us being home. Maybe she wants some alone time.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 21

We are one week away from the end of the circuit breaker. Wow, wow, wow! Then we enter phase one and will be in that for at least 4 weeks, without a whole lot that affects us changing. No limit on how long that will last though. Ummm…. hmmm. Still excited for it. It has been an unusually long time, for us, without a trip to anywhere. We did sneak the hotel stay in before the circuit breaker came in. Was very much a social distance stay. Still, we would usually have cause for a hotel stay far more regularly than is allowed under a lock down. With that in mind and the long weekend, we decided to have a spa day at home. The best hotel toiletries we could find, buff the feet and moisturise. People might do that as part of their daily routine. We don’t. So it was a big deal for us, haha. Also, the lotion I picked was from the amazing Coworth Park and it was great to close my …

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 20

How did we get here? We are now at day 20 of the extension. We did 28 days in the original circuit breaker. 8 more days of the extension to go and then we enter phase one of the exit. Phase one is a lot like we are now, a couple of things get to open that aren’t already open but most things will stay closed, workers will stay working from home and ideally we still won’t leave the house together or unnecessarily. It is expected to last for at least four weeks. If the transmission rates increase then, it will last longer than 4 weeks. If they are fairly consistent (higher than right now but not exponential) then we can move to phase two. For us that essentially makes it a third four week lock down. Just a few additional services will be more readily available. We have been enjoying the time. It can be a bit boring or frustrating. It is difficult to get the groceries we need and also to carry everything …