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Crate Cat

Lola has just taken to loving her up high crate. I don’t know why she loves it now but some days she will just be in it all day. So happy, so content, a little bitter we “kept” it from her all these years. Yes, there will be more of these posts because she loves it and we are confused but it is also super cute.

Lola keeps stealing the office chair

Once Triston gets up and goes to work, Lola likes to join him. He will take her bed into the room with him, we call it her commute to work. As soon as he stands up and moves away from the desk, for lunch, a toilet break or whatever, she pounces. Whenever he returns, she acts like giving up the chair would be the biggest inconvenience in the world. It is her chair, she has been there forever, he should find something else. They tend to come to some kind of agreement, isn’t she just the cutest?

Lola wet the bed

Last night, I was laying on the edge of the bed, facing the wall, almost asleep. Triston was downstairs, watching TV or working or something. Lola had been in the bathroom with me when I went before bed but she didn’t go. She looked like she was going to but decided against it. Lola likes to go to the bathroom when I do. Anyway, I was in bed, nice and calm and Lola came running in and jumped into the middle of the bed, behind me, like as if we were playing. With gusto, basically. Then I heard this odd sound and I thought she must have been doing a projectile vomit, one that doesn’t include a hacking noise. So I was in the process of sitting up and spinning around when the smell hit me. Not vomit, wee. I jumped off the bed, she ran away. I called for Triston and I tried to get the bedding off before wee got through to the mattress. OMG she never does this. I was so stressed, …

Lola, locked out again

Lola, again, was being difficult in a meeting or just before a meeting so she got locked out. This time, I managed to grab her bed. She did yell at the door to be let back in but at least I had something she likes (because clearly it isn’t me) out here to occupy her. We were looking out the window together but then there was welding so I shut the curtain. I got in trouble for it. A decent few cranky looks and huffy puffs in my direction once I closed the curtain.

Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 23

With the work site behind us shut down under the circuit breaker, Lola has taken to stickybeaking on their lack of progress. There are a couple of people living on site. I am not sure how many. One for sure. The same person all the time, I don’t know. Is it a security person to make sure no one gets in or the equipment isn’t damaged in the weather or just one of the workers who is well and seperate from the dorms. I don’t know. We will never know. He/they will know. I often describe her personality akin to that of a toddler. Watching her watch the big trucks and cranes has reminded me of a friends toddler who is obsessed with trucks and modes of transport. It feels an accurate description. It is why we forget she is officially a geriatric and certainly not a teen or young cat anymore. Anyhow. Lola enjoys the odd looky-loo.