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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 23

With the work site behind us shut down under the circuit breaker, Lola has taken to stickybeaking on their lack of progress. There are a couple of people living on site. I am not sure how many. One for sure. The same person all the time, I don’t know. Is it a security person to make sure no one gets in or the equipment isn’t damaged in the weather or just one of the workers who is well and seperate from the dorms. I don’t know. We will never know. He/they will know. I often describe her personality akin to that of a toddler. Watching her watch the big trucks and cranes has reminded me of a friends toddler who is obsessed with trucks and modes of transport. It feels an accurate description. It is why we forget she is officially a geriatric and certainly not a teen or young cat anymore. Anyhow. Lola enjoys the odd looky-loo.

Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 8

Slowly Lola is teaching Triston that they now work together. He tends not to get it first thing in the morning but after a few hours of Lola howling for attention he remembers. Move her bed beside him and they will chill out and work all day. Sometimes she even monitors his progress. She has also taken to trying to distract us from the news. She demands play or cuddles. Yes, it is coronavirus news in the background. She will only stop working with Triston to come and distract me if the news is on. Otherwise, she has abandoned me during the day now. While Triston is home Lola is going to make the most of it. Who knows when he will be home again. So I am now just chopped liver, even though she is a cat, I don’t think she is a huge fan of chopped liver. She does still spend some time with me but she is certainly making the most of things as they are now. I wonder if she would …

Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 1

Yesterday was the first day of essentially a lock in. We can leave our apartment but only for food and if we can get it delivered, we should. We can leave to exercise but if we can do it inside our apartment, we should. Critical medical care is also available but we shouldn’t be outside. Neither of us have jobs in the supply chain, food, or medical so we can’t leave the house for work. Anyone who has a job that has to leave the house to work, can’t work. Anyone who can work from home, has to work from home or not work. It is an official 4-week lock in. Please stay home. We will stay home. We didn’t leave the front door, not even for a moment on day 1. Lola, Lola is adjusting. We are all adjusting. Lola is just cuter.

Lola demanding some cake

Yesterday I made a packet mix cake. Lola came from no where and licked the side of my cake. Today, Triston had a slice and Lola woke from a nap to investigate. Today she didn’t get to lick the cake. She did enjoy the smell but she wasn’t too happy about not being able to test it. Triston felt bad and offered her some but at that stage, she was in a mood. It was her one chance. Triston ate it in the next 2 seconds. She shouldn’t be having something with so much sugar anyway but we aren’t sure if it was the butter in the icing or the milk or just generally the cake.

Healing cuddles from Lola

It has been a couple of days since the biopsy needle stabs and Lola has been desperate to cuddle me. Given my pain and tenderness, I have generally not allowed her to cuddle me but today she snuck in beside me on the couch. She got a bit annoyed that I moved my arm to take the photo but she really wedged herself in. It was about 3am. I was awake but she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Later in the day she came to cuddle me in bed. This was a bit more annoying as she sat on me and weighed me down a little. She kind of just snuck up then plonked down on me. She isn’t a fan of the flash but she was being super insistent on being cuddly so I had to take a photo. It has been a stressful few days and I should have a proper diagnosis in a day or two.

Demanding Lola

This week we have asked the manager of our apartment building if there is another apartment. Something about the same price as ours but with internal stairs. There is a one bedroom apartment but it is smaller. A lot smaller. It does, however, have it’s own internal staircase. Lola loves stairs. Lola got up with me this morning and after eating breakfast cuddled me on the lounge. I got a bit tired of that position so I moved. In moving my legs I upset Lola. She sat up and stared me down. So I had to quickly fix that. As I stretched my leg out again she resumed her cuddle position. Touching me with her feet. I wonder if the knows that we are looking into getting her an apartment with stairs. I got sore from that position and had to move again but I kept touching her so she remained happy. Lola did give a look as I was moving but I assured her it was ok, not a full-on death stare like earlier. …