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Lola cuddles

Lola Videos

We take lots of photos of Lola and so do the cat sitters. Sometimes photos are just not enough. We probably don’t take enough videos, given how cute we think she is but we have some and as I go through and find them, I will add them in here.

Lola at the farm

Lola at “the farm”

Lola had a great time at the farm. It wasn’t a super long stay. Roughly six months so not a short stay either. At first, there were dogs but she didn’t like being near them. Mum kindly took them and stayed in a different house with them so Lola could relax. Once the dogs were gone she really had a good time. We had to supervise her outside but eventually, she enjoyed that and got super adventurous and a little bit naughty. Naughty by running away when I tried to bring her inside, not kill animal naughty. No animals were injured with her being outside. She was too scared of them to try anything. Moving to Singapore Photos at the farm

Lola in Singapore

Moving Lola to Singapore was one of the most stressful things we have done. The decision making process and weighing up the pros and cons was the hardest part, the process of moving her was pretty easy (but expensive). Having her here with us is just the best thing in the world. Moving Lola to Singapore New life in Singapore Sick in Singapore Singapore life after recovery

Lola in the city

Lola in Sydney

We lived in Sydney when we got Lola. She was in the pound and roughly two years old. Someone else found her at the pound and adopted her. They had to give her up after two or three years. To this day we think Lola is a kitten, maybe a teen, but she was a fully-fledged adult before we even got her. Moving to Singapore Living in Sydney To come Moving Lola overseas From Sydney to rural NSW then to Singapore Read More » Lola is in Singapore – Lolypols is here! Yay yay yay I can’t tell you how exciting it is that Lola is in Singapore She used the bathroom… Read More » Jetpets and Qantas fly Lola from Sydney to Singapore Today Lola will be on her first international flight (and yes it is Qantas) from Sydney to… Read More » Lola – health check complete. As part of the immigration process, Lola had to have a health check and certain treatments. These… Read More » Jetpets – Lola Dubbo to Sydney …