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Moving to Singapore

Our day to day life when moving to Singapore are found on these pages Moving to Singapore was super exciting, the move itself was not what we expected. I think we planned for a lot more difficulty than we had but we also didn’t plan as well as maybe we could have. We stayed in the Andaz Singapore for the first 34 days. You can see our hotel room and why we chose the Andaz here. From here you can read the posts about our move, day by day. With a few extras after we moved in to our rental apartment. You can view the posts below, it is the story of our journey and if you are moving here as well it might give you some insights in to what it will be like. Moving to Singapore Our first week at the Andaz- Day: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7The week I got sick – Day: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14Third week – Day: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21Fourth …

2020 shaping up to a big one

I’m already exhausted. In 2 week, Sydney for about a month, fixing things in our apartment. Back just in time for Barcelona, probably Barcelona. Not 100% confirmed yet. Bali, to get Nan and then she will come to Singapore for a couple weeks. Drop Nan off in Sydney on the way over to NZ. 2 weeks in NZ. Back home just in time for another round of visitors, likely 3 different sets of visitors and stop over visitors. This takes us through to July. Exhausting.

Washing machine blew up

This time something went wrong in the apartment we rent rather than our investment. I think the owner is ordering us a new one but for now we have access to the communal laundry that is available to people renting studio apartments so we can still do washing. It is a slight pain to walk all the way down to it but there is no noise in our apartment while the washing is being done. That is pretty handy. Cat sitter comes on Monday to mind Lola while we are away. I will have to explain to them the issue and where to go. The machine will probably be replaced while we are away.

Gardens By the Bay with the ‘rents

Yesterday we headed to Satay by the bay for prata and kaya toast for breakfast. I got mum a chocolate banana prata, which she really enjoyed. Dad liked the kaya toast and I really thought mum would but she didn’t. They both liked the Teh and I had to order extra, I told them the secret ingredient was sweetened condensed milk. That’ll do it, they both agreed. We then headed to the conservatories and spend a fair bit of the morning in there. Lunch was Texas Chicken. Both really liked the biscuits. Part of our meal was not ready so we had to wait. When it was ready, we got a free biscuit. Score! We took the MRT home so everyone could have a nap, stopping at ecoin in Bugis for Dad to get his hair cut. We were home, relaxing, from 2-6pm. Dinner was booked in for Majestic Seafood under the flower dome. Lobster noodles, lemon chicken, fried rice, chilli crab buns, spring rolls and a few drinks. Triston and I enjoyed it more …

Day one with my parents in Singapore

While my parents did think our episode of house hunters international was hilarious they didn’t really know about Singapore at all. The words they keep repeating is how impressive it is. Super clean, pretty, lots of sweets, everything is easy. Living in a great spot helps. They had some drama at home and a 90 minute back and foot massage straight after it, lol. Let’s add extra tension to our body’s right before we start to relax. We had satay at the hawkers for dinner and we all had an early night. Given we were up at 2am having dinner I think an 8pm bed time is still respectable.

Picking my parents up from the airport

About 24 hours agyer they left their house in rural NSW their plane landed in Singapore. We arrive a little early just in case the advertised delay was wrong. We did arrive after the original time but not so far after that they would be waiting for us if it landed on time. This gave us time to look around Jewel while we waited. We have been before but not with the Christmas decorations up. We also managed to be here while the fountain was being cleaned. They landed, we met them, got a grab home, had some fresh prata from the end of the street, and off to sleep.

Lola in Singapore on the lounge

My parents visit tomorrow

My parents are visiting and they leave tomorrow but don’t get here until Tuesday morning. Like 2am or something crazy! They are on Scoot. I have spoken before about my very real and almost debilitating fear of flying. Fortunately, I can still overcome it but I think I won’t be able to forever. I have a fear of water also so I doubt cruising will be an option once flying is too difficult. My mother has the same fear (my sister also). Dad, not so much, he has three planes currently. Mum does go and fly with him but I know the thought makes her nervous. I haven’t flown with him. I am not sure how well he would do while I have a total panic attack next to him. At least on a commercial flight the pilot can’t see your meltdown. The panic and anxiety is setting in for Mum. She gave me instructions on what I need to take care of when they don’t make it here. Air Crash Investigation and similar shows …

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

A year in Singapore

About this time last year we were at the airport and getting ready to move over to Singapore. The morning started a bit rushed and chaotic but we got there in the end. Most of the bags we had packed were too heavy to come with us so we had to repack and leave half the stuff behind. A lot has happened in a year. We went to America twice. Only to New York the first time and then a road trip from LA to Phoenix to San Fran via Big Sur. Two Metallica concerts, one in Vienna and S&M night 1 in San Francisco. Hong Kong, Jakarta, Phuket, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Sydney/Australia twice, Vienna. Dublin to the tippy top of Northern Ireland with a stop in Belfast to catch the Foo Fighters on our way back to Dublin. We did catch Queen, Hootie and the Blowfish and The Barenaked Ladies in New York. Our first concert this year we Ed Sheeran in Singapore. Multiple free concerts, artist displays, spoken word and poetry performances at …

Singapore Rain

When we moved to Singapore at the end of November in 2018, we were told that December is the peak rain season. As the month progressed we were told that there was little rain compared to the expected amount. By late Jan the grass in the field behind our apartment had turned brown and we felt a slight guilt that we brought the Australian drought with us. Yesterday we had a nice long rain period. I guess we are again coming into the traditional rainy season. I wonder if it will be a dry rainy season, a wetter than normal or just an average rainy season this year. My parents are visiting in December. I have some hope that we will be able to get out and about and see things between rain storms. I do hope for the rain though, I don’t wish for a dry wet season.