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Park Hyatt Auckland

I just booked the Park Hyatt in Auckland for April. Our dates are about 6 weeks after it’s scheduled opening date. Though that day may change if they are finished earlier, there is also a chance it doesn’t open on time but with 6 weeks grace, we should be ok. Looking forward to it. Something nice to cheer me up today because I am still feeling very ill.


Hobbiton here we come!

Ok, it will be some time before we actually get to Hobbiton but I cannot contain my excitement. We are doing the evening banquet tour the night before our anniversary because it isn’t available on our anniversary. I have always wanted to go and every time we were in NZ, for work or holidays it was sold out. Now that we are planning well in advance I got to pick my days. Now to pick my camera and practice. Eek, the Hobbit was one of my favourite books. I love the imagery of the shire in the movies and now I get to go AND eat there. Hooray for Hobbiton.