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Weekends go too fast!

Admittedly we did so much on Friday night that I thought Saturday was Sunday. I think that means I had an extra day but instead of going to Universal Studios like we have intended many other weekends. We went to spotlight and bought a rug, vegetable peeler and bed cover. Exciting times here in Singapore. Lol.

+ View from KL Grand Hyatt

TW, Hyatt Gloablist and Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Last time TW was at the Grand Hyatt in KL he wasn’t a super fan. On arrival, the reception staff member in the lobby told him to check in at the lounge. Took TW to the lift, walked him into the lift and left him to his own devices. TW didn’t know that they hadn’t bothered to press a button until he got the … Read More TW, Hyatt Gloablist and Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

+ Singapore shopping kids learning

Singapore is more than a shopping stopover

Singapore is more than a shopping stopover, it is the ultimate family getaway. I enjoy childish things and I am really in my element here. There is something about the way this country does things that just make it so fun for adults and kids, yet I understand the point was to engage the youngsters. It isn’t just me drawn in to these displays … Read More Singapore is more than a shopping stopover

+ Lola

Vetmobile – Singapore

When Lola arrived we got Vetmobile to come out and do up a new script and generally check up on her. She had just been through vets for the international move. We weren’t at any of those appointments so being with a vet and asking questions was comforting but we needed to get the script for her asthma anyway so we may as well … Read More Vetmobile – Singapore

+ Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling – at the Iconic Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

After a day of walking. Well, about the 10-hour walking tour mark, and at the point that we missed the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entry for the night we decided to go to Raffles. Yes, the hotel is closed for renovation, since December 2017. A massive project scheduled to take about 18 months but they gave themselves some leeway expecting it to take … Read More Singapore Sling – at the Iconic Long Bar, Raffles Hotel


Returning to our old neighbourhood

I don’t mean in Australia, I mean 200m from where we now live and the Andaz. Between Kampong Glam and Little India we had to make a stop in for a photo of the “Gotham” building. Why not get the Duo complex which houses the Andaz in as well? Actually, it was my uncles request but with my new phone I gave it a … Read More Returning to our old neighbourhood

+ Spectra

Dazzling visitors

One thing for sure about Singapore is they really know how to put on a show. Multiple free shows a night. At a world class level. I might even suggest they are the leaders. Our visitors arrived later afternoon and we were all hungry. They specifically wanted a Satay and one of the things on their list was Gardens by the bay. Perfect, we … Read More Dazzling visitors

We have our first visitors today

We are somewhere around 105 days into our expat journey and our first visitors arrive. We have friends from the Andaz, not socialising friends but people we can talk to and we probably could be real friends, just too busy at the moment. Today though, we have family coming. It is an Aunt and Uncle on my side but TW has known them for … Read More We have our first visitors today

+ Bethany Linz removable wallpaper

Removable wallpape​​r to help modernise our rental?

TW’s sister in law, Bethany Linz, just released a new collection of fabric and wallpapers. Some inspired by her son and niece and others follow on in her usual style. This time I noticed that removable wallpape​​r is an option and it got me thinking. TW and I both really wanted a modern apartment, do you think a removable wallpape​​r would help our apartment? … Read More Removable wallpape​​r to help modernise our rental?

+ queen

Queen and New York

So, I booked tickets to see Queen at Madison Square Garden in August. We debated about sitting up on the stage, the tickets left for that were hard to come by. So we settled for New York as those dates worked well with catching other acts around the same time. Metallica in Vienna and Foo Fighters in Belfast. All part of one trip. The … Read More Queen and New York