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Home again

A decent trip done and dusted. No upgrade on the flight from London to Singapore but we do still have Singapore – Sydney/Melbourne return coming up at Christmas on the same ticket so there is still a chance. TW was sad that the long haul free upgrade streak ended. I was happy we got what we had. It was amazing to be in Business … Read More Home again

Foo Fighter Belfast last night

That means we go home today. We have had breakfast and have a late check out so a few more hours sleep and then off to the airport. As for the concert, it was TW’s pick. I don’t really know their stuff. I knew some of their songs and we were up the front of the back. TW was too cheap to pay for … Read More Foo Fighter Belfast last night

Belfast, Foo Fighters tonight

We checked out at midday, the standard time and drove into Belfast to see where the concert/festival was. We actually found a park nearby, it is walkable and near a train station but not so close to be affected by road closures after the event. The sun is out and the old buildings are lovely. It is also rainy and the buildings are still … Read More Belfast, Foo Fighters tonight

Why hello Ireland

Oh wait, bye. We arrived in Ireland. Hired a car and drove directly to Northern Ireland. Last few days of holiday. One more concert.


Metallica in Vienna

OK, so I know people going to some of the Australian shows. I don’t want to ruin any surprises. The Oz shows won’t have anything like we had here in Vienna as fa’s as the crowd but they also won’t have the smoking so win some and lose some. So many people. So so many people. More people on the floor than the entire … Read More Metallica in Vienna


While we are away we get photos and videos twice a day, at least, every day. They usually come through in sets of 4 or 5. Sometimes we get 3 updates a day. Usually sent around meal times because we have issues with her not eating properly all the time but sometimes it is just an update because she’s been too cute and the … Read More Lola



Random highlight of New York

On our way from the Grand Hyatt to Times Square area for a Ruben we stumbled upon a sign. So we live in Bugis in Singapore and Bugis Street is part of the shopping area at the end of our street. It is kind of an iconic landmark now rather than a physical street. But it was just so random to walk past a … Read More Random highlight of New York

American Airlines JFK to London Heathrow

Well, AA standard economy was tight. Full and squishy. After boarding we had people stand over us and say we were in their seats…. Our boarding passes both had the same seating assignments. Just as TW was saying a staff member would help clear it up, one came up behind them and asked which of us were W and T. Well that was us. … Read More American Airlines JFK to London Heathrow

Hootie and the Blowfish with Barenaked Ladies

To be fair to both bands, I know Barenaked Ladies better but not necessarily more songs of theirs. BNL were the opening act and sadly the stadium wasn’t full and didn’t really fill for their set. I took a timelapse expecting a similar rush of the crowd to their seats as we experienced just nights before with Queen and in Singapore for Ed Sheeran. … Read More Hootie and the Blowfish with Barenaked Ladies