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Lolypols is the cutest

Like just super cute. Even with her gross ring worm thing she is just the cutest. It is slowly getting better but I think it is one of the ones where we will probably have to treat it for about 6 weeks. I was hoping for a 2 week one. Gone after a week, treated for an additional week but we are close to … Read More Lolypols is the cutest

Long weekends lead to sadness for business trips

It is true that TW just had 4 days off in a row and we got to hang out together for them all but he is now on a work trip. It’s always pretty hard when he goes on a trip after the normal routine is broken. Cat is sad, I am sad and he only just left this morning so he wouldn’t even … Read More Long weekends lead to sadness for business trips

Toy Story 4, Garden Rhapsody.

Gardens by the Bay’s Garden Rhapsody for the next two weeks is a Toy Story 4, Disney collaboration display. The display was, well, umm, not my favourite. I was excited for the Disney display but it was short at only 10 minutes. It did, however, have some pre-show activities which likely made the evening more enjoyable for kids and families. Free toys, a giant … Read More Toy Story 4, Garden Rhapsody.

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsy. Marina Bay Sands

Breakfast. Buttermilk pancakes and eggs benedict. Really tasty and filling. We ate breakfast at 10am and lunch was 4pm… so pretty filling. Pretty standard sizing really but tasty and filling and generally Sydney pricing. Not cheap Sydney but standard Sydney cafe breakfast prices. Which is pretty expensive for Singapore and breakfast. Especially outside of a hotel. We generally have a $5 breakfast, that’s total … Read More Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsy. Marina Bay Sands


Remember when I had to do a tonne of paperwork for a thing. We have new neighbours and they have the same paperwork to do. The building manager saw TW in the hall and mentioned to him they are doing the same as us. I hope they also get accepted. So so weird. So few people get it and these guys just happen to … Read More Neighbours

Super clean apartment

Everything we own and don’t own in our apartment has successfully been bleach treated. Only a few mishaps in the laundry. Not from bleach but from the original dye not being colourfast. Excited to have sanitised the house. Now monitoring the red spot on lola. Hopefully it will start to heal soon. She likes the smell and taste of the treatment cream. Which is … Read More Super clean apartment

Long weekend

Yay. TWs parents arrive super early tomorrow morning so he has the next two days off work. Long weekend whoop.

Retro fever almost over

So the retro fever display isn’t one of our favourites but with it ending this week I feel nostalgic. It is the most colourful and rainbow loving display we have seen here so far. I am excited for the Disney sponsored toy story event but I am sad to see the colours go.

Lola is gaining weight

Yay. Slowly it is going up. We are continuing to monitor her ‘spot’ and we are in a stage of decontaminating everything in the house to prevent further infection. The spot seems to be healing but we will see. At the moment it is just constant sanitisation, wash, clean, remove, clean, wash and hope we get everything. Working on the assumption it is ring … Read More Lola is gaining weight

Bugis Junction summertime