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Tikehau French Polynesia


Travelling has been part of who I am since I can remember. However, Triston only started to travel overseas because of me. We have so many stories to tell. That is to say with over 10 years of travel stories to catch up on it might take some time. Firstly I have to remember them and then I need to chronicle them all. You can check out some of our trips below and you can catch up on the latest posts. The most recent posts may not reflect a sequential order to a trip or our travel. I try but life can happen and then I tend to start again with what I remember best, that could be a newer trip. Below are the travel stories I have already started to record. Just click the blue highlighted text to go to the home page of the trip you are interested in reading about. Singapore Our Move to Singapore – we moved from Sydney to Singapore with a work transfer. I have worked overseas in a …