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Hyatt 4 new brands, challenge accepted

Hyatt acquired two roads hospitality and four new hotel brands with that acquisition. With the new brands being rolled out over time Hyatt launched a promotion to welcome the new brands and also set expectations of when the hotels would be online. The promotion, stay at each of the four new brands, any hotel of your choosing, and receive a free night in a 1-4 category hotel. For each new brand that you try you will receive 2000 bonus points. If you have never stayed at a hyatt before it means, if you stay at one more new brand you will hit an additional free night award for the 5 brand award. If you have already hit some brands you may qualify for your additional free night faster, it depends on how many different brands you have already visited. We were right on 5 and had received the first award available. Trying the four new ones puts us at needing just one more new brand to hit 5 and the additional free night. Our plan, …


OK, so far, loving Phoenix and Scottsdale. It is almost the exact opposite of Singapore. It’s a nice dry heat rather than humid but it is still hot here. The opposite is the landscape, dry, rugged, mountainous desert vs the relavitely flat tropical island of Singapore. We woke up to a lush green golf course view. But I, for some reason, adore the cacti being as tall as palm trees

Random highlight of New York

On our way from the Grand Hyatt to Times Square area for a Ruben we stumbled upon a sign. So we live in Bugis in Singapore and Bugis Street is part of the shopping area at the end of our street. It is kind of an iconic landmark now rather than a physical street. But it was just so random to walk past a Singapore restaurant and bar that happened to be called Bugis Street. We enjoyed the nostalgia for our current home. We like Singapore and certainly miss it’s cleanliness, organisation and efficiency when in places like New York where even the cleanest streets are still filthy in comparison.

American Airlines JFK to London Heathrow

Well, AA standard economy was tight. Full and squishy. After boarding we had people stand over us and say we were in their seats…. Our boarding passes both had the same seating assignments. Just as TW was saying a staff member would help clear it up, one came up behind them and asked which of us were W and T. Well that was us. He asked us to follow him. I did a little dance. Possibly too excited. We were upgraded, free, again, but only to premium. Though from the tight economy premium was a huge improvement. I can’t comment on economy as we only sat in the seats for 10 minutes but the premium economy service was decent. We departed and arrived on time, early actually but not as early as we could have becase of the curfew at Heathrow. Our connection was less than two hours. We had a brief sit in the BA terminal 3 lounge and were quickly on the next flight. No upgrade on that flight but it also doesn’t …

Hootie and the Blowfish with Barenaked Ladies

To be fair to both bands, I know Barenaked Ladies better but not necessarily more songs of theirs. BNL were the opening act and sadly the stadium wasn’t full and didn’t really fill for their set. I took a timelapse expecting a similar rush of the crowd to their seats as we experienced just nights before with Queen and in Singapore for Ed Sheeran. It didn’t quite happen but I took a time lapse not knowing.Hootie did get them back on stage towards the end of their set so they did get to perform to the full crowd, as during their own set BNL said “it is every performers dream to play to a partially filled Madison Square Garden”. Man they were hilarious. I feel we got two full concerts plus a comedy act for the price of our ticket. Really good value.To the credit of BNL and I think it might be a rule for the support act but they started exactly on time and finished to the second. There was half an hour …