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This time last week I was just coming to grips with the fact that the test that I thought was a test was just an appointment.

My test was booked in for Tuesday afternoon at that appointment and we had to prepay. Monday I got a call that our prepayment covered only 1 biopsy and I needed three so we needed to pay the same again for the additional two.

After many discussions with the health insurance we decided it was just easier to go back to Sydney and pay at the Sydney Breast Clinic. It is much cheaper, I can book and confirm and I already have a flight booked back to Sydney.

Granted I am meant to drop Nan off and continue on to New Zealand but we had already decided to call off that trip. I was upset about it but Dad might be sick, Mum wasn’t keen on going, the special hotel for our anniversary wasn’t going to open on time and a few other things made it seem like we should go ahead and cancel.

Now, now I am organised. I will go to Bali, get Nan, come to Singapore but we won’t stay here for 12 days just for 4. I have the test booked in. March 31st. I am relaxed.

Things were a bit stressful but I am booked. I am organised. Everything is settled. I am relaxed again. The key decisions have been made and I no longer have to stress.

I had cancelled all the New Zealand hotels but not the flights because those are non-refundable. With this coronavirus the flight might become refundable at some point so I will just leave it in place but we know we aren’t going to New Zealand any more and it is what it is.

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