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Chinese New Year Singapore 5 day weekend

Chinese new year singapore

So Lola was set to arrive after the 5 day long weekend because we would likely go away. It wouldn’t be fair to her to have her arrive and then abandon her while we went on holidays. We left booking a trip late, as previously discussed. Because of that, we decided we would take a day trip or short break in Malaysia.

Well, what we did was nothing. A whole lot of nothing.

Sunday. We left the house to go to Gardens by the Bay. We ended up just watching the Bicentennial and Chinese New Year celebrations at Marina Bay. It was late by the time that was all over so we returned home.

Monday. Again we tried to go to Gardens by the Bay but as soon as we stepped outside heavy rain started. I don’t think it lasted long. We did head out for dinner later but by then had given up on the Gardens for the night.

Tuesday once again we decided to head over to Gardens by the Bay. I suggested we take the MRT because of the rain the night before. Something to make sure we got there tonight but we walked and just as we got to Marina Bay my thong (flip flop/slop/jandal) broke. Well, that was us out for another night.

Last night, TW wanted to go to the gardens. I asked him after the sun went down but he felt it was too late because he had work in the morning. And that is the sum total of everything we did on the 5 day weekend.

TW just managed to have a really relaxing time doing nothing. He never gets a chance to do nothing so I guess it was a nice change for him.

On TW’s first day back at work Cat will be flying over. It will take that whole day on Thursday for her to arrive. It will be jet me and Cat for the whole day on Friday. Then we will all be home for two days. Lola has to be happy with that, getting to spend time with us all day. Lolypols probably would have liked to be here for the 5 days off. Lola gets a bit annoyed when TW doesn’t go to work so I can’t guarantee that she would have been. Cat likes routine, she is a cat after all.

Lola did arrive late on Thursday night, we did spend the day together on Friday. TW now has the weekend to spend with her and no, we still haven’t managed to get to Gardens by the Bay. Not this weekend either. There are more fireworks for Chinese New Year and Cat is afraid of them so we will be home with her all weekend.

Yay for Chinese New Year, book for thongs and constantly missing Gardens by the Bay. But the biggest yay of all is that Cat is here and we managed to use those 5 days off for CNY to make the house, and all the new things in it, smell like us. Lola was very happy and relaxed when she arrived. And isn’t that the best use of a long weekend, really?

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