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Chinese New Year in Singapore – Marina Bay

Fireworks Marina Bay River Hong Bao

Sunday night we decided to walk to Gardens by the Bay because TW wanted to go sit in the flower dome. We decided to walk via Marina Bay because we hadn’t been back to see the completed Bicentennial celebrations.

River Hong Bao Bicentennial

There was an orchestra playing in the orchestra pit as we walked by. We stopped to watch and listen for a little while. I would have stayed longer but all the seats were filled and we were lingering at the back, standing, trying to see over the people standing in front. Next time, next time we will get a seat and stay longer.

River Hong Bao Bicentennial

What we were actually looking at was the River Hong Bai Bicentennial Edition. With Sunday the 3rd of Feb being the first day of those celebrations. We have come on the right day.

River Hong Bao Bicentennial

We walk through the set up and watch a bit of one of the shows that are on. Then we decide to head over to Gardens by the Bay. As we are crossing the bridge, TW asks if we can wait for the fireworks. He thought he read there were some on at 8pm and it is 7:40pm now so we may as well wait.

Singapore downtown

Wait we did. Nothing happened. 8:10, nothing, 8:15 nothing. So we walk away from our prime position. At that moment the first firework went off. And everyone rushed to the spot we had just been standing in, the one with the amazing unobstructed view. Sigh.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

We watch. It was a very short display so I google what is going on. TW tried earlier but he didn’t have much success. Today being the 3rd, we have one minute of fireworks at 8pm, which for some reason was delayed. Another one minute display at 9pm and then a ten minute display at 10pm.

Well, that was annoying, to miss the best view by seconds. We laugh about it but it was still annoying. I ask if we can watch the Marina Bay Sands light and water show -Spectra from the correct side. I think it is at 8:40pm so it isn’t that long to wait. Not really. I google the times after we are seated. Usually, it would be 9pm but today it is 8:45pm because the show can’t run at the same time as the 9pm fireworks. Ok, well 8:45pm isn’t much later than 8:40pm so we still decide to wait and watch.

The show is better from the front. Everyone leaves the moment the fountains stop and essentially they pull an us from less than an hour ago. It seems none of them realise the show was early or that fireworks were moments away. The area empties out, the huge boom of the first fireworks goes off and then everyone tries to get back to their original spot which is now filled by others. We did not move. We knew they were coming and weren’t making that same mistake.

Now we have a decision to make. The 10pm firework show is less than an hour away. Do we want to hang around Marina Bay and wait for it or do we want to complete our original goal of going to Gardens by the Bay. We can’t get to the Gardens and be back in time for the fireworks. We decide to get a snack and wait.

Fireworks Marina Bay River Hong Bao

The lines to get a table in the food court and lines at the door outlets pushed our meal to the limit. We managed to get food, a table and finish eating just 2 minutes before the show started but we had to get out from the food court to watch. Marina Bay Sands it big so it took a while to get outside and we missed the first few fireworks.

We decided to watch the fireworks from the roof of Marina Bay Sands. Not the sky deck of the hotel, the roof of the casino. It is kind of a hidden spot. When we got up there, not many others were there and we had an unobstructed view. People could walk in front of us and not get in the way. It was a great spot. We didn’t make it to the gardens but we had this amazing night filled with free activities, for hours and hours.

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