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Christmas Catch ups

Christmas can be hard, trying to see everyone during the festive season.

Living overseas can make returning home difficult, trying to catch up with everyone while you are back.

Coming back to our home country at Christmas time seems to come with a lot of pressure to catch up with people. The onus being on us to make it happen. No one wanting to intrude on the precious little time we have here but everyone eagerly awaiting their time slot allotment.

We did quite well this time, Triston saw his parents, brothers and aunt plus he got to see a couple friends and a new baby welcomed just a couple months ago.

I saw my Grandma, aunt, uncle, one cousin and a few friends. I was set to see another cousin until his daughter was too ill to fly and they had to move their flights back. It was sad for me to miss them as we were basically always going to catch up, our original flights landed on the same day. When we moved ours to be earlier we still worked it so we could catch up but when he had to delay, he landed almost 2 days after we left.

Christmas was with my parents, sister and brother in law. I think we did ok with the number of people we got to see.

The reaction from our tenant/old flatmate might have been the best though. She is living in our apartment by herself and she was so excited to see us she screamed. And not just because we had the key and entered and were inside the apartment knocking on her bedroom door. I messaged her and let her know we were on our way to the apartment. It was just because she thinks we are nice people and was happy to see us.

We also managed to cross a decent number of chores and items off our ‘to do’ list. That was super handy. We have a heap still on that list but I feel like things are being crossed off faster than they are being added.

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