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Cisterns are falling off the wall

Yes, I did sing that. Sisters are doing it for themselves. If only.

Our tenants let us know that one of the toilet cisterns fell off the wall. Damaging a pipe.

The best news – the plumber organised to fix it didn’t bother to show up and no one was home to check until after 7pm. Now it is after hours and the weekend so … yay for higher costs.

I think we should ask if TW’s dad can fix it because he is a plumber and will be in Sydney tomorrow. TW thinks it will be too hard because they are only in Sydney to get a flight.

At least he would show up or call if he couldn’t. Getting sick of people not doing what they say they will.

Fortunately our two bedroom apartment has three toilets and the tenants have the water turned off to the broken one. Little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.

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