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CNY and a 5 day long weekend

This year Singapore’s two designated public holidays for Chinese New Year are the 5th and 6th of Feb. A Tuesday and Wednesday. TW has the Monday off, through an annual leave application.

Lola is arriving on the 7th, to avoid the public holidays. Not just the public holidays here but also in Australia. We need the airports, handlers, importers, exporters, customs, immigration and vets all to be at full staff to make the process as easy as possible.

Our plan was to go to the Maldives. We were waiting for out Hyatt points to hit the account so we could redeem 4 free nights. Then, once they hit, we used from for our stay at Hua Hin, leaving us short for a 4 night stay. We could just go for 3 nights but the flights are US$520 a person for the domestic transfer in the Maldives so we should stay for as long as we can.

If you have been following along, we booked Hua Hin quite recently so the flights and other hotel options were all kind of expensive by the time Maldives was off the table. Should we get a boat over to Indonesia or just have a staycation in Singapore and do some of the things that take a little longer to get to or through.

The longer we debated that, the less there was left available to book. A staycation looked more likely. Then we looked at how to get to Malaysia – just over the boarder. Johor Bahru. There is a lot of things there, like Legoland.

Well, we worked out how to get to Johor Bahru. A taxi is SG$12 per person, if you share it – so 4 people. $24 for us and $24 for other people we don’t know or we can get one to ourselves for $48. Not a bad option.

It is decided. We will go across the border. It isn’t too hard, or expensive, to get there. We just have to lock down which dates and make a list of things we need for the house. It is likely cheaper in Malaysia than it is here.

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