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Contacting travellers – ie us – while they are travelling.

I think just about everyone knows about WhatsApp who reads our blog. We certainly told people it was our best bet for contact. Buuut I know many people haven’t yet installed it so we can’t call you. KR, I am looking at you.

We can tell if you have it because on the app it will have your name. The app pulls details from the contact list in your phone. If someone in your contacts is also using the app you can call and message each other for free.

I do my work stuff via WhatsApp. I have internet but I don’t have a phone or phone number in Singapore yet. So I get to stay connected to the world on my phone using the app.

For our Australian friends and family, we are keeping our Aussie mobile numbers. So that when we come home we will always have the number you know. That means on visits home not just when we move back.

But if you are contacting us via WhatsApp it needs to be on the number we are using while away. For TW that is his Singapore number. The Australian number is active and it has WhatsApp installed but he no longer carries it with him just in case someone calls him on it. It lives in a drawer. Often flat, charging it maybe once a week. If you call him via whatsapp it needs to be on the Singapore number.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, get it here. And if you don’t have TW’s Singapore mobile number, send him an email or facebook message.

You may ask yourself why would you bother with WhatsApp if you can do it on facebook. Well, the answer is security and encryption. WhatsApp is encrypted and secure. Facebook isn’t. The same man might own them both now. One was made for security and the other was made to rank female co-eds from hot to not to get back at an ex. So how about we stick to the one made for travellers and security.

An additional benefit of WhatsApp is that you can contact us no matter where we or you are. It will work when we are in Australia, Singapore, New York, Thailand, Vienna, Maldives, anywhere. As long as we have an internet connection you can get a secure, encrypted, message to us.

I am getting a Singapore phone and number today. I will send out my number to those that want it.

Download WhatsApp though 🙂 especially if you are visiting us in Singapore because everyone here uses it. Even businesses. So you will want that for your visit and the taxi app Grab.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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