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Coronavirus, sigh

Thursday I found out that I personally or by 1 degree of separation knew 1% of the total coronavirus cases in New South Wales, at that time. It is less now, now that it has likely spread from them to an exponential number of people but on the day 1%.

Yes, they got it through their own stupidity, stubborness, selfishness and complete disregard for others. Those qualities define their lives, for the most part, so this wasn’t acting out of turn in a pandemic. It was simply not taking society or their personal actions seriously. What they want to do they will do, regardless of the cost to others because they will, after all, be fine. Even if they personally get Coronavirus. Which, they have.

But when you are playing a numbers game with exponential factors, it isn’t about you. It isn’t about the low risk to yourself. It is about all the people you will be infecting along the way. My example is how 2 people held their wedding. They gloating on the internet about #nocoronahere, constant messaging out on social media how Bali was corona safe and the only corona you could catch was a beer.

They wanted their wedding, even after the Australian government said do not travel. That warning was out and they still called my over 80 year old diabetic grandma in tears begging her to travel to Bali. She said she was still going to the wedding, of course, but then later that day she made the wise decision not to go. She would be infected now if she went.

This is an exponential numbers game though. So, on Thursday, 11 people who attended the wedding had already tested positive, with others having to go. What I did find out was that Australians who are contacts of a confirmed case with no symptoms are not being tested. So that means that the 11 people were sick and those waiting on results were also sick. Not every attendee was tested though.

People left Bali on Sunday or Monday, the guide for results is 3 days. They had positive results on Wednesday. This means they travelled sick. I can understand not wanting to stay in Bali when you are sick in the middle of a pandemic while airlines are grounding their entire international fleet and countries closing borders. I don’t condone the behaviour but I understand it. What I don’t understand is anyone in their right mind getting on the plane to go to Bali, a few days before.

Now, the thing that is on my mind. Apart from the selfishness and stupidity of these people, some are my family. Yes, I have Covid19 in my family. Is all the people who will die from their actions. Unlike many in my family, I don’t need to personally know someone to care about them. I think everyone in the world deserves the best life they can have. Certainly, I don’t think my cousins wedding should be the reason they die.

Their actions, their irresponsible and selfish behaviours, partying up at pools at the most populated bars and clubs they could find in Bali, would have no doubt spread this to the wider community. Spreading it to people who don’t have a great healthcare system. To them, it is fine because they get to flee that country and the mess of a healthcare system for a slightly better one. A pandemic might make the Australian system a bit of a shambles but it is still better able to deal with things than Bali.

11 people diagnosed. Others waiting. Everyone flew. I hope you don’t have a friend or family member with a compromised immune system who has been to any of the public spaces they went to on their journey home. Hopefully the employees on the planes or in the airports don’t have any immune issues, or family members who do.

This is a numbers game, an exponential numbers game. Maybe this wedding won’t kill anyone I know or they know. But it will result in someones death somewhere. That is not ok. It isn’t about you. It is about everyone.

I have a friend in Melbourne who couldn’t get her regular medicine for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is 35. This is a drug that helps her body function properly. She needs to take it to keep as fighting fit as she can be to ward off things like this. Why? Well, two reasons, Mr Trump announced it was the be all and end all and a cure all. Which, it isn’t. Also, yes, it is being used in trials to see if it could be a treatment so some of the supply was used by labs in Australia. Their was extreme increase in demand for it though, after Trumps statements.

Another friend of mine lives in Scotland (she is a Scot). She has on going health issues and everything is usually automatic for her. She has had a chest infection for months now but as she is slightly disabled anyway, things like this do take a very long time for her to get over. Her standard medicine includes a puffer. Her husband went to get her a puffer, the pharmacy said they were out of stock, didn’t have a script and they didn’t really care that she was down to her last 2 days on the puffer.

They had to call the dr, get a new script sent over and have been told the wait is 7-10 days. Her breathing is very difficult and without the puffer she was terrified she won’t last the 7-10 days. I said, ok, if they call an ambulance they might be able to fill a script for her at a&e. Because she is in a high risk category, and not healthy in general, she has been told – she has to stay in her house for 12 weeks and if she calls an ambulance but someone healthier (even if older) or younger than her needs it, it will not come to her rescue. No matter how severe her condition is compared to theirs.

My friend has already been told she is a patient not worth saving. She needs to do all she can to save herself. If it happens to be convenient they might try to save her but she isn’t a priority.

My cousins wedding included people from the UK, Canada and Japan. This person from the UK could be the spreader that ends up overwhelming the system and now my friend dies. Because a wedding, during a period when the airlines were refunding or offering credit, couldn’t be postponed.

You bet I am pissed off at their actions. I think those who went are foolish, some went only because they thought it would be cancelled, they didn’t really expect to get on the plane but they did. But the Bride and Groom. I am ashamed.

The bullying they have personally done to people who were cancelling and even after their wedding. One way to tell if someone should have gotten married or not is their attitude after the wedding, telling people off who wish you well, you shouldn’t have bothered to get married, Love. Sorry.

I know someone else who is terrified their Father in law is about to die alone in hospital because he is unresponsive and on a ventilator. Lucky he is on a ventilator but if he passes it will be alone. She is beside herself. Not just because he is on the verge of death but, more so, because no one can be there. No one can talk to him, hold his hand, comfort him. Even before he needed the ventilator, they couldn’t be there in person.

We have been mostly inside, most of the time since January. Yes, we went to Australia but again we were mostly inside, most of the time. We flew in premium and business to avoid contact with people. Since returning we have been mostly inside, most of the time. We have been to Universal studios, we went on opening so there weren’t many people and we wiped everything down, constantly. Before and after use. Just in case the next person doesn’t have alcohol wipes.

I was dealing with being checked for cancer so we had to get out of the house. It was 2 hours, once it got hot or busy we left. We have been for a few walks. Not many. And we do go to the store. If there are too many people outside we just go home. Our plan is to avoid people but we also wanted to keep businesses going. Though, avoiding people is number one.

Yeah, it gets boring inside but I would rather be inside knowing I am not spreading around covid19 than outside stuffing it up for everyone else.

Maybe we could have done more but the situation is changing. I already feel guilty for what we have done. Something it seems my family is incapable of which just leads to the situation going on longer than it needs to.

Not one person has posted anywhere that they have Covid19. Everyone is pretending things are fine. Rather than admit it, they will go on believing they were in the right because it is just like a cold to them.

The grooms brother lives in Japan and is in hopsital in isolation. Not because he is unwell but because he tested positive. His kids and wife tested negative. Which is good. But. This is a hospital bed being wasted by a young healthy person because of a wedding. What happens when this is down the line, from one of the people who caught it from a person who caught it from a person who caught it from them? The staff will be burnt out from beds who have been filled with stupidity and now, exhausted, they need to treat the serious cases. Or in the case of my friend in Scotland. She is denied treatment while someone like my cousin occupies space.

I do think people should be removed and put into hospital like places, when they test positive. The Bride is at home, posting online how great life is. She is a positive case, while the groom was waiting. I believe the results would be in now but I haven’t had an update. Maybe because I let people know I wasn’t really impressed. Anyway, Bride, positive, is required to isolate within her house.

Is she. Nope! And it isn’t just the bride and groom. A friend is there as well. You bet they are socialising, posting online how the 14 day stay at home is all just a joke. They are responsible for their brother (in-law) being apart from his kids but let’s not acknowledge that anywhere. Let’s have pizza parties, continue to disregard the rules, drink, sun bake and have a merry old time. I believe they haven’t left their house and if I find out they have I will be the first to call the cops on them.

John and Robyn, if you are reading this, it is my cousin who lives in Newcastle now. You didn’t meet them. But, you need to stay inside. They would have spread it far and wide.

For everyone else. The message is clear. Stay the f*ck home.

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