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Covid19 test results

The results are in. Triston got a text message. He doesn’t have covid19, not detectable at the time of the test anyway.

That is some good news.

The documents we got about staying home indicate that he could leave the house now if he wanted but I think, for everyone’s safety, we may as well wait an extra day.

We can work out how to ration out the food we have here. His headache went ages ago and the nose thing went as well so his symptoms are gone now but if he was tested too early for it to be detected or something.

I guess the doctors know a bit more now about the infectious period or chances of having Covid19 and that is why he got the 3 days. I think the bigger issue is when you don’t have the symptoms yet and if he had it those would have been his symptoms.

Yay, it is negative. If he had it in the past I think they would have told him that also. So he hasn’t ever had it probably I haven’t had it either then. We thought maybe back in Feb/March when we didn’t feel great we might have had it then and felt terrible. Turns out we probably were just sick with stress.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Glad that u are okay Tris we feel for the two of you not having family around when needed take care love Mum Dad n Family xx

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