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Cute Christmas t-shirts

So, ugly sweaters are a tradition in some places. Not my place. For a few years I have been trying to get Triston on board with being excited about Christmas. Joining in the Christmas cheer. He is so against that idea. I don’t know why, it’s fun to be happy and excited.

Anyway, this year I saw some cute t-shirts online and on sale from teeturtle. Woo. I bought a few so that when we go to Australia for Christmas we can have a cute Christmas tee each and no ugly sweaters.

tee turtle its that time of year christmas tshirt

I got one with a classic Dad joke on it for my Dad but I will let each person pick their own. He may pick another. I couldn’t get them all in the one size, so everyones options are limited but I think I still have enough.

tee turtle catasaurus

Not to ruin the surprise but they arrived last night and they couldn’t be cuter. I got some they were just every day t-shirts as well. So cute! Oh, and I got two as gifts but Triston saw them in person and decided he wanted them. Even though I asked him if he would want them when I ordered because if he did, I would get two of each.

Yay, so excited! Is anyone else feeling Christmassy yet?

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