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Darling Harbour fireworks

One of the best parts of our apartment in Sydney is its location. It is walking distance to the city, in Darling Harbour and has some half-decent views.

It would have had better views back before we bought it but the new convention centre went up and it is two or three times the height of the old convention centre. Still it goes alright.

Last night was Friday night and it happened to be the 14th of Feb. There were fireworks for valentines day and we happened to be at the shopping centre when they started so we went out to watch.

Every Saturday there are fireworks and we were home for them tonight.

I think the view from our bedroom is decent. I took the photo and video in wide format (mostly, it swapped back to standard a couple of times). To give an idea.

If you are going to Sydney for the weekend, Darling Harbour has fireworks at 9pm every Saturday. At least in Summer, I think year round but I forget now, summer for sure. They will have them during Vivid as well.

The convention centre blocking the lower fireworks from view
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