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Singapore – Day 2

Day two was not nearly as full on or interesting as day one. We were meant to be house hunting but the agent and TW got off on the wrong foot during a phone call Yesterday (day 1) so it got cancelled which left our plans unexpectedly open.

Today I found someone else, she seems nice and throughout the day I made plans for us to go house hunting with her tomorrow. Crisis averted.

Our day started like every day in this hotel is supposed to – gym then breakfast.

Given our lack of plans after breakfast we got some paperwork type stuff done. Eventually we sat on the roof to do so, Mr Stork wasn’t open but the rooftop was open for just sitting and looking. The sun glare on the screens made it difficult to work so we ended up back inside to finish off. It all got done.

We went out for lunch and ended up at Bugis Junction, which was less than 2 minutes walking and we worked out later we could have walked from our hotel underground the whole way but it is nice to be outside. They had a market set up, with fair games and food stalls. We decided to get lunch here.

I had a snack pack – though it wasn’t called a snack pack and TW had cubed beef that was cooked via a blow torch.

I thought mine looked and tasted better, it was also half the price. It just took forever for my chips to cook.

From here we went to Gardens by the bay to test out the MRT cards the hotel gave us as a welcome gift and to see how easy/complicated it really was. Super easy. We had money on the card from the hotel. We were deciding where to go and a clerk came over and told us. It was so simple, easy and friendly. Oh it was also spacious and clean. Sydney – you do public transport so wrong!

We started to have a look around but we only got to the India garden before  we noticed the huge storm. This was our cue to head back. We managed to get to the subway before the rain unleashed. It was a tropical downpour. Heavy but not long lasting. 

Back over to Bugis Junction we decide to have pancakes from the store we saw earlier. Only problem was we did feel like dinner first so we headed inside to grab a small savoury snack, to ensure we left enough room for these giant fluff balls of pancake.

Dinner was a $4.5 hawker fried chicken with rice, a curry sauce and some really nice cabbage. It looks like slops but tasted great. The only complaint we had was the chicken wasn’t deep fried fresh but it was still fine to eat.

The most devastating thing happened after dinner. At 8:05pm we got back to the pancake store and their last orders were taken at 8pm so we missed out. I guess that is going to be on the list of things to do tomorrow.

There were plenty of tasty treats back downstairs but we decide just to wait and head back to the hotel to see what our version of elf on a shelf got up to while we were out exploring on this, the first day of Christmas. He just happens to be a giraffe because we don’t have kids or an elf to sit on a shelf. Our Christmas giraffe having a laugh on a lamp. He seems pretty tame. Day one though, we will see how we go with the count down to Christmas.

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