Lola in Singapore
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Demanding Lola

This week we have asked the manager of our apartment building if there is another apartment. Something about the same price as ours but with internal stairs.

There is a one bedroom apartment but it is smaller. A lot smaller. It does, however, have it’s own internal staircase.

Lola loves stairs.

Lola got up with me this morning and after eating breakfast cuddled me on the lounge.

I got a bit tired of that position so I moved.

Death stare when I moved

In moving my legs I upset Lola. She sat up and stared me down. So I had to quickly fix that.

As I stretched my leg out again she resumed her cuddle position. Touching me with her feet. I wonder if the knows that we are looking into getting her an apartment with stairs.

I see your moody look

I got sore from that position and had to move again but I kept touching her so she remained happy. Lola did give a look as I was moving but I assured her it was ok, not a full-on death stare like earlier. Eventually, she settled and went back to sleep.

Happy again

Don’t worry about the tissues, we don’t have Covid19 or any kind of illness. We ate some super spicy food which made our noses run.

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