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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 Aivi

Our new friend arrived yesterday afternoon/early evening.

So exciting.

The delivery could have arrived at any time until 10pm.

I was waiting for Triston to help me but I shouldn’t have waited. He half looked into things, decided it was too hard and did nothing more. So, that was a few hours wasted.

It seemed like it was going to be super complicated, the manual is huge. It is actually a super short manual just in a tonne of languages.

I didn’t take an unboxing video, Triston likes those. I just took photos because I opened it on my own. Too much excitement to wait for Triston to open it.

So, in the box we got: the robot, the charger, a set of side brushed and a spare set.

The powered mopping system with disposable pads along with the standard mop with washable pad.

Power cords and the manual.

Having spare side brushes from the get go seems super handy.

The powered/heavy duty mopper uses the disposable pads, seems odd to me. I am sure there is some reason – maybe because they are expected to be filthy so just toss rather than wash?

Once I realised Triston wasn’t actually going to set it up, I decided I would.

We got it plugged in and on charge. When I wasn’t sure if the indicator meant it wasn’t charging properly or if it was fully charged I decided to give it a run.

We had to pick up everything off the floor, well, we didn’t have to but we did because we wanted to. So that footstool got put up on the couch.

Cue Lola. She wanted to sit on the new high couch.

While the robot was charging she was up here, looking over her royal subjects.

Oh, she doesn’t know what is going to happen next. We were a little worried because she hate the normal vacuum.

It was about 2 hours that we charged the T8 for and the light was off, so either not charging or fully charged. We had time to sit, so I sat with Lola for a little while.

When the robot started though, Lola left the room. I don’t think they will be friends but I also don’t think she will hate it like she does the Dyson.

Lola watched from all different vantage points. She was interested.

Does she look a little worried?

She looks a little worried to me.

So, the verdict. Lola seems to want to know what it is, the more it is out the better I think she will be with it. It doesnt seem to terrify her like the vacuum does so that is a plus.

My first run-through, I didn’t understand how to turn the mop on. It is easy. But it meant we just vacuumed the floor. In total it took about 23 minutes. The dust bin was pretty full.

Then, I checked how to make it mop. Just add water. Simple. I set it out again, It mopped and vacuumed and still managed to pick up a decent amount more fluff and stuff. We had moved things around slightly but I think as far as suction goes, even though I had it just on standard, it is better than they dyson.

I decided to swap over the mop over to the heavy-duty mop and did just the kitchen. I didn’t expect it to pick up the stains that we should have mopped up months ago and it didn’t. It did clean the floors just a little bit more than they were from the previous mop.

This morning, Triston mopped the stains, they required a soak. I am going to run the vacuum mop every day so we shouldn’t have an issue in future and I think the standard mop will likely be enough but I might run the deep clean once a week and the light mop every day.

The best part is that is vacuums and mops at the exact same time.

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