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You have to be in it to win it

castle kanotta

One of my favourite things to do is to enter travel competitions. Even if it prize takes a lot of your time and regardless of it being a paid or unpaid trip (as in some prizes include spending money or an allowance if it is a long trip). I apply for sabbaticals, internships. I don’t care. If it has to do with travel and some kind of competition I enter. Specific dates are usually given. I still apply. Yes, even when the dates don’t work for me. I check the box and say I can, I will figure out how to get there if I ever win. For this latest one I am editing part of our wedding video at Castle Kanota.

Sadly for me, I have never even been shortlisted. I am applying for something new and in doing so I have to present a video. A friend helped by sending me a narration. I had set up the video and just needed some context so I gave her a few lines and she recorded them for me. The thing is before I thought to shorten my clips down, she spoke a lot faster than my clip needed so I used iMovie to slow the voiceover down.

I am sorry Miss MB but I have been entertaining myself with the slow-mo result. Thank you so much for the voiceover. You have certainly earned your place if I am successful in my attempt.

Please watch below to understand my amusement. You can find it here on my youtube channel if the below does not work

We are walking on top of the walls of Castle Kanota in the video. It was our wedding venue. This was between our morning entrance with blessings and the evening ceremony. We had dinner after the official ceremony and traditional local entertainment. Great day.

Castle Kanota is the Viceroy Club in the movie the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I am doing all this paperwork and video and editing. Editing isn’t required. I am just doing it because I personally enjoy it and think it is fun. It reminded me though, you have to be in it to win it. Applying and coming up with scenarios and inviting people to be part of it and help. It is part of the fun. Building a little travel hungry community. And it is probably a good thing I am not always winning because Miss MB did you have 6 months spare for Cancun? I don’t remember you having much time to spare. So sometimes not winning is even better.

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