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Argh, elementor or wordpress (or both) updated in some manner and now one of my pages doesn’t work. I can’t even get into the page to edit the content.

Super frustrating.

The pages don’t load on the site. I can’t edit.

If I want to change that, I need to upgrade to pro. Possibly. I am not even sure if upgrading to elementor pro fixes the issue.

Now I need to try and work out what content was on those pages and how I can get wordpress to display those pages in the same manner. I do not know if I can do that.

It might require finding the code and pasting it in as a html and then editing but man oh man I don’t know that I can get the code because the page errors.

I only randomly found out last night. I did have an email a week or so (could be months, I can’t follow time) about the website being down. I wonder if that is when this change came into affect.


Now I know what I will be doing for the next few weeks.

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