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Elephant Ink Painting

Ink painting elephant

Drawing and painting is not something I consider myself good at, or able to do. Then again nor is writing but here I am practicing that. Maybe I should practice painting. So, I went with an elephant ink painting.

The elephant is basically the first art piece I have ever created and it was in an art class my mother bought for me for Christmas in 2016. The class was for “inking” but we learned to do everything except for the ink blots.

The “ink” colours on the painting are darker then I was planing but it does add drama. Officially the piece didn’t get finished as the class ran too long and I had to get back to Sydney. I need to go over some parts of the elephant that are just penciled in to add details like eye lashes. This is my first try at something like this, other than finger painting as a tiny tot. Practice will help. No doubt.

Christmas gift – an art class

My mum thinks it came super easy to me and that I didn’t really try so if I did try I’d be able to do some horse paintings for her. I’m not so sure. It was in a class, so I had a decent instructor with all the gear. Also, I had no expectations and nothing to lose so I just did whatever. Creating something to someones specifications/desires now that is a whole different ball game.

If you happen to be in Dubbo or willing to travel for an art class, you can find the details on Laura Holland (the artist and teacher) here. She does have a day job as well as doing commissioned art. Classes may not always be available. Tell her I sent you if you do head over and buy or book. You might just score yourself a discount.

I love my Elephant Ink Painting, maybe I should try another?

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