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End of month

End of month usually isn’t much of a concern for me as I have no targets and I don’t have to do the accounts but today it is huge.

I have clients in America trying to get me to book flights for the same day, note, the system couldn’t do it. They are in yesterday, flights were under airport control and ones we could get we couldn’t really get because the system said oh god no, no, that’s yesterday. NO!

And they have about 20 more flights they need me to book today for the next few days. Hotels, well I had to book something for them tonight but the rest were done for the next few days.

Then there are other clients, they also need stuff. Urgent stuff. No one is contacting me for stuff that will be ok to do tomorrow.

Not to mention my client on her honeymoon who keeps being told no by hotels. No. You can’t swim in the pool. We don’t care that it is 27, the pool is filled with crystal clear water, summer isn’t for a few weeks so no swimming.

WHYYYYY put the water in so early if they can’t swim yet. Why not declare it is already warm enough and open it early. Whyyyy. Why today when it is end of month and everyone is busy with accounting and a million other things.

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