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Excitement today

I ordered a robot vacuum mop and I have the notification that it is coming today. OMG so excited. Now, I better clean up so the house is presentable enough for it, lol.

We have a lot of shoes on the floor, I tried to get a new shoe rack organised because I changed ours to be a towel rack and all the stores are closed. So, shoes are scattered in the way. I need to find a home ‘up’ for them so Robomopuum can get the whole floor clean.

I have heard people say these are good for the ‘in-between’ clean but we don’t vacuum as often as we should and we mop like once every 3 or 4 months so this is going to be ace.

Singapore tends to operate on maids, either live in or daily/weekly/fortnightly cleans. We do not have a maid and I don’t want a live in one. Triston keeps asking if we should get one to come once a week but to clean you need to know where things go. We haven’t decided where things go. So having someone come in and put things in random spots will be annoying. More annoying if I have to pay them to confuse me.

Compromise – robomopuum.

So excited.

Can you tell?

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