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Packing for expat life – packing fail

My list and TW for this is a bit different. He agrees with mine but I am not too fussed on his. If you missed the post on the random things we brought and are glad we did, you can read it here.

This is our packing fail list. What we wish we had, what we miss or what we have already had to buy/replace.

1. Knife blocks

Our steak and chef knife sets usually live in their own knife blocks but they were too heavy and bulky to bring so we left them. The cutlery drawer is so cluttered with knives it feels like a safety hazard. I wish we had managed to make some kind of space so we could bring them.

2. Pillows

I brought mine but TW wishes he had his as well. It took him a while to find one that he found comfortable and just as he found it he left it behind. We either have to go back and get it or spend a heap of money buying every pillow we see until he finds another that he likes. I am honestly not sure which option would be cheaper.

3. A few tools

We knew we were becoming tenants again so we didn’t really think tools as something that we would need. We have bought and used some tools already. The landlord’s agent might have been able to supply us something but tools are the kind of thing you and put in a drawer so borrowing one is asking for it to be lost.

4. Blanket or doona

I had bought a new lightweight blanket a few months before we left. After I moved from Sydney but before it got hot at home. So, having to buy another blanket as soon as we moved in was a little annoying. Those things are not cheap. TW needed a doona. I was ok without one, using the throws we had been given as gifts from India – after our wedding, It is better now that we have a doona but it would have been better to bring the one I had just bought.

5. Our commissioned artworks

one of our commissioned artworks by

We commissioned two caricatures from an artist friend of an artist friend of mine. Yes, it is a friend of a friend. Both are artists. Anyway, they are bright fun colours and TW misses those on the walls. There is a huge amount of bare wall in our unit.

6. Photos

I have 2 photo albums that always travel with me. They have been around the world. Unfortunately, they didn’t make the cut on this trip. TW wanted to bring the big photo prints. These like the artworks above are printed on to canvass. We could have unmounted them, rolled them up and remounted them after moving in, but it is probably better not to do that. TW said today maybe we can just reprint them and my parents can keep the ones that are now at their house. Maybe, we will see.

7. One more power board and one more adaptor

When I packed and counted, I didn’t realise TW was going to keep a converter adaptor in his work bag. It means the kettle and the range hood need to alternate being plugged in because the Nespresso takes the other plug.

If we had one more power board the bedroom, lounge room and kitchen could have one each. Life would be just a little bit easier if each room had a powerboard for our electronics. We don’t need so many phone chargers plugged in but it is nice to have a charger ready to go in each room.

That is it. We did pretty well in thinking about what we would need initially. Things that we would need, would make life easier or would help make us feel settled and at home.

Maybe an extra set of sheets as well but it isn’t a big deal to wash and dry the sheets in a day. We have everything packed and ready to come over in April (TW likely has a work event right near his hometown).

Is there anything you forgot to pack when moving overseas?

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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