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Fight Fire Australia

When the concert was first announced, I thought about buying a ticket. Triston wasn’t sure if he would be able to come to Australia so I didn’t know if I should buy one and guarantee myself a seat or two and hope I could find someone to come with me if he couldn’t.

Lee Kernaghan

In the end, it was sold out far before I could make any of those decisions so I didn’t buy any tickets. Fast forward to the 13th of Feb. Triston has been in Sydney with me for a couple of days and we have just had to move out Park Hyatt Sydney stay.

Conrad Sewell

A friend of mine posted a “3 days, can’t wait” status update on Facebook. Somehow I knew exactly what she meant. It could have been a wedding, birthday, anniversary, anything. It was the Fight Fire concert. So I jumped online to look.

Baker Boy

I COULD buy tickets. How awesome is that. I don’t know if they released more seats or these were resale tickets. I really wasn’t worried. The tickets were the same price as they had been on release and I could buy them.

Daryl Braithwaite

So I did. Two tickets. I almost bought three so our flatmate/tenant could come but she was busy packing, leaving, saying farewell to friends so I didn’t. I kind of wish I did. I miss her.

Pete Murray

When I bought the tickets, I didn’t realise it started so early, or there were so many acts. Something like 22 performers. Started at 1pm. All I knew was John Farnham and Queen were playing so we were happy to go.


Jessica Mauboy

The line up was actually kind of crazy.

line up – alphabetical order

We have some classic Aussie acts, international superstars, up and comers, good old classic soap stars turned singers and Australian Idol winners. Like, whaaaat?


I was in for John Farnham. When I wanted to hold a fundraiser concert for Breast Cancer, he signed on. I was 16 and emailed his manager – Glenn Wheatley and had a response that basically said name the time and place and he will be there. I had said I was in high school and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off but they were happy to donate their time to the cause.

Guy Sebastian

Always and forever my favourite. What crazy things I did in high school. My stumbling block was the venue. I chose the now razed Sydney Entertainment Center and they were real dicks. So, I didn’t pull the fundraiser off but other people did great things.

Peking Duk

Anyway, I bought the tickets and we kind of forgot about it because we had a lot of shit to get done in the apartment and time was running out. We also had to get ready for dinner that night with Triston’s Aunts. No time to look over and see what we just spent money on. I had wanted to buy tickets when it was announced. Money was for the fires and John Farnham was playing. That was all we needed to know in that moment.

Delta Goodrem

We had our tickets. A quick little thank you to my friend for reminding me and away we went with the chores for the next few days.

Ronan Keating

Saturday night we were up selling our stuff, far later than we should have been.

Tina Arena

Sunday morning we probably didn’t get a move on as fast as we should have.

Alice Cooper

We arrived into the stadium to catch the last song of the first act, Lee Kernaghan. I was sad about missing his set. We also missed the welcome. We were here now though so on with the show.

Amy Shark

Now it must have been a true logistical nightmare to constantly set the stage up in very limited time. I have a lot of respect for the crew and sound guys for doing that.

At the start of the night, for our seats anyway, there was feedback. As the night went on the feedback slowly became less and less invasive. It was difficult for us to tell if it was the singer, a musician, our speakers, any or all of the above.


With so many moving parts it really could have been anything. The first few acts had it bad and then it was occasional but by the time we got to Queen + Adam Lambert it was gone. Woohoo. They did take the right amount of time to set up, in a rushed situation, so I was happy to wait and have them sound on point.

Michael Bublé

The live cross, I thought was a bit weird. For the at home viewers it wouldn’t have made a difference and some people who I spoke to after just loved Michael Bublé. I am not going to deny any artist who wants to contribute their chance to do so. I appreciate everyone who took the time. He was at his concert in Melbourne.

Hilltop Hoods

I just thought it was a little weird to be sitting in a stadium watching someone on TV somewhere else. Triston said we have really only been watching the screens anyway. True but the artist was there.

K.D. Lang

Just before K.D. Lang came on, there was silence for all those who lost their lives fighting their fires. Thoughts drifted to their friends and family and all the people who had been out there fighting. She came out and sang too slow Songs. Triston loved it and thought she was one of the top acts of the night. It was a little too much for me. I couldn’t focus on it. I played a game on my phone. It was such a change of tone but looking back on it I think it was very fitting and a great way to honour those who died to protect others.

Ice House

It wasn’t until we were sat in the stadium that we really started to have a look at the artists. We were in for more than we bargained for that was for sure.

John Farnham

Highlights on the night for us:
Baker Boy and Illy were unknown to us and a lot better than we could have expected.
Grinspoon, Ice House, Alice Cooper a lot better than we expected.
Queen + Adam Lambert delivered as we expected and that is actually quite a feat given the short space of time to set them up. We saw them in New York and the quality of their performance was on point in Sydney.


John Farnham. He did close the show and as I said earlier he is my fave. I don’t think things were perfect and he may not have been the ultimate performer on the night but he was the best. He was the best choice to close the show. He was a little hilarious when the sound wasn’t set up quite right, he sang the iconic song. Almost tragic how it is more relevant today than when it was first recorded.


It was a great day, show, event. I am glad we went.

Learning from our concert trip last year, I recorded the full set of John Farnham and Queen. Sadly it meant I had to rely on Triston to take the photos of them. I tried to take at least one photo per act.

I am pretty happy I just filmed their whole sets. Might not be the best video quality but it is fun to watch on a flight. The very best part of the night was all the fires were out before the concert started. After months, finally, out.

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