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Fighter jets

I was just sitting on the couch watching the news, Victoria letting the team down, Qantas in a trading halt while it cuts all it’s staff and raises money, when I heard the jets fly over.

My first attempt to take a photo didn’t go too well:

On their second pass though, which was half an hour later, I managed to fare a little better.

This is proof we had some sunshine today but the storm clouds are rolling in now.

I always like watching fighter jets. Probably since Nan took at to the viewing spot at Williamtown (NSW, Australia) when my Aunt first moved to Medowie from Canberra.

I think the very first time we saw the jets it might have even been with my pop as well. Going into the jet museum there, I am pretty sure was with just nan on a different visit but I would have to check the photos. I don’t remember.

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