Moving to Singapore
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First holiday from Singapore – departing

Singapore get D48 waiting area

A nice early start to the day today. Normally we would have left last night but TW had a work function so we booked for the first flight this morning. 5am the alarm went off. Sigh.

Up and ready, a last-minute tidy up and off to the airport. TW ordered a Grab Taxi on the app. It is like Uber, well this is Ubers replacement. He arrives as we get to the front door of the building. Nice and convenient. A taxi happened to be the next car behind him so worst case, if we didn’t know about Grab we would have been fine. The taxi had his green light on so we could have jumped in that.

$22 and 20 minutes later we were at the airport. We walk in at the Jetstar entrance and as we have two different bookings we go to the assistance counter to try to sit together. She had us and our bags checked-in in no time.

In Sydney, the next part can take forever. It is getting faster with the reader gates. If you’re stuck behind a first-timer or a family, you can end up waiting forever. Here, you just go through the e-reader and some pretty simple ID checks. No long security line after the immigration line.

There are spot checks of bags before immigration. It is by random selection and it takes all of 30 seconds. This isn’t the swab check it is just a scan of the bag on the belt. To check nothing dangerous is in there. TW got selected. He had a backpack. The easy thing is, he didn’t have to take anything out. The big bag check is at the gate. So anyone transitting Singapore with duty-free from other countries, you are generally in a bit of trouble here.

TWs $11 pancake breakfast

The Qantas lounge doesn’t open until 2:30pm, so we head off to find breakfast. Against my better judgment, we ate at the Irish bar. The food seemed expensive to me and when TW’s meal came out I laughed. $11 for pancakes, which he told me were pre-made and then slightly reheated for him. I went the big breakfast which was $22 but more than double the food and we shared.

Mts $22 big breakfast

We didn’t have any time to do anything other than eat. This airport is built for stopovers and long waits. Right now though we are off to Phuket.

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