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Flat mates, friends, leaving

Sydney isn’t my fave place but we do have some special people there. Friends, including our flat mates who became our tenants when we moved out. It was great making time to spend time with them on this unexpected trip.

You know those little things you do in life, ones where you do your best not to be a jerk. Not to perpetuate a problem. Where you say in a share house I will buy the toilet paper or we aren’t splitting bills those are covered… Or when you sit down and help someone at work and try to think of their knowledge base so you can relate it back to something they know not just what you know.

Those little things. Things you don’t remember because it is just a case of trying to be a decent and reasonable person but to the person on the receiving end it is so meaningful they never forget.

It is good to spend time with people who care about you. Ones that maybe you took for granted but really you do enjoy having them in your life. It is good to catchup and make time.

I am glad we got to see them. It made the rushed trip to Sydney worthwhile.

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