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Flight change fee

Paying change fees on flights is bad enough. Having to pay an additional fare difference because the current airfare is less than you paid and airlines just can’t handle that so you have to upgrade to the one higher than you have. Now that is the worst. Additional airfare plus an admin fee for the change when you could buy the new flight for less than you paid. SUCKS.

Debating if it is worth it while also buying tickets to the Fight Fire concert so now committed to staying longer. I guess we have to suck it up and pay.

I guess worse yet is that it isn’t even my flight. It is Triston’s. I didn’t book a flight home because we aren’t sure yet when I can go home. Triston is extending his stay because we aren’t organised enough. He is working from home and his days are full, randomly I am also very busy with work. Good but frustrating to see so little getting done at the flat.

Couch for sale – cat not included – it was sold, then not sold, then sold, then not sold. That also adds to the frustration. Like crazy annoying frustration.

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