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Flixotide in Singapore

flixotide and ventolin

Lola has Asthma which we control with Flixotide. My mum sent her spacer over mid-January so that we would have it for her arrival. The vet sent a new script to switch her to tablets to control it while she was without the spacer.

This also covered her for the couple of days she had in Sydney. It is easier to give her a tablet than to send her spacer and puffer to boarding. They couldn’t travel with her. We were told medication isn’t returned after boarding so only send what is needed. Mum had to fill the script, keep some tablets for home and send some tablets on to the boarding ahead of her arrival. So then everyone had medicine for her. We would all be covered when she arrived here, at home before she left and at the boarding kennel.

Now, Singapore Post in conjunction with Australia Post lost our parcel. I have been fighting with them for 10 days to locate the package. They have either delivered to someone else or scanned as delivered but not bothered. It was sent as, “signature on delivery” required package but they just ignored that fact even though it cost extra.

I had the vet out to get a new script for Lola. Even though I have been to every pharmacy nearby, there are a lot. Not one chemist or pharmacy offered to order a spacer in for me. The spacer has to be a human spacer because getting a cat one is super difficult. We need it now as we have no other way to treat her if she has an attack. Armed with the script and confidence from the vet I went and asked for the pharmacy to order one in.

Inhalers but no flixotide
Inhalers we already have

Please, can I get some Flixotide?

When I got there, the word Flixotide was missing from the script so I needed the vet to confirm. They were in another consultation so didn’t answer. The pharmacy called another location as they didn’t have either – spacer or Flixotide. They put a hold on it for me and let the other chemist know I had to get the vet to update the script.

The next evening the new script came through. So the following morning TW and I set off on an adventure to find this pharmacy. Lola likely still has some of the tablets in her system. So right now she isn’t in dire need right now but we want it on hand just in case. Having nothing at all to treat her with is unsettling. We have do have some puffers here. The ones I needed when I was sick. Just no way to give them to her. And the vet at Parkes had said she may not have asthma.

When they did a new x-ray of her lung they saw no sign of it. Either the treatment is working really well and containing it. Which is a good result! She could have an allergy. Being in the country air could have cleared up the allergy as there was no smog pollution. It did get super dusty there though with the drought and windstorms so she was having attacks out there too. We got her new a new puffer as the one we were using was running low. Her attacks went away after the second day so we think the medicine had run out in the puffer. Which sounds like a case of properly medicated. We don’t know for sure yet.

Does Lola even have asthma?

At the moment she hasn’t had any medication in 10 days. She is still doing well, no coughing. Our apartment has two regularly serviced air conditioners. The air filters on those keep the air fairly clean in here. We are going to wait a little longer to see if she has a flare up or not. Now that we can administer something as soon as she does it is not so stressful.

It would be great if she doesn’t have asthma. If it is allergies she will have a much healthier life here. We no longer live in a place with constant car pollutions getting inside. There are cars here but it is nothing like the volume that went past either of our places in Sydney. If it was the car pollution getting to her, the air is much cleaner here. Hopefully some brighter days ahead.

Flixotide is super hard to come by here, not many places stock it and it is super expensive. It costs about $1 a puff. The vet said the tablets (bad for longterm use because it is a steroid) are maximum 4 cents a tablet. A lot of people use them because it is the cheapest option. Lolypols health is more important than saving a few dollars so we will continue to use the inhaler.

I wonder if our cat spacer will ever arrive and if Singpost will ever update Auspost that it was lost. They have marked it as delivered, that is what started my fight with them. They said it was delivered on the day Lola arrived but it wasn’t, not to our building anyway.

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