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Flower dome reopening

This evening we went to the flower dome. We got tickets for 7-8pm but we didn’t manage to get over there until about 7:30pm.

No one was in line, a family entered ahead of us and some people were already in there but no one seemed to enter after.

We are members so we can go in before the 11th of July when it reopens to everyone. It is nice that they did a 10 day member only preview but if we all bought tickets already, how do they make money to keep it going?

There was a new display. I do like the flower dome at night but I like to see it in the day as well. Not all of the lights were on, I guess, with no one buying a ticket to enter they need to save on costs somewhere. Maybe it just wasn’t actually dark enough to have the other lights on. Either way, I like it at night.

I would guess 10, 20 people max were in the dome while we were in there. Maybe because we didn’t arrive right on 7pm all the other people in our time slot had left. Not sure. It was good though.

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