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Flower Dome Tulipmania

Flower Dome Tulipmania is on.

Tulips and the northern hemisphere spring are upon us. I love the display in the flower dome.

Flower Dome Tulipmania

I love that Singapore brings the best of the world to us. So we don’t have to think about it.

Flower Dome Tulipmania

The cherry blossoms have come and gone, the tulips are here for now. Soon another display will arrive to showcase the world.

Flower Dome Tulipmania

Tulips remind me of Munich. I know this is a Dutch display but when we were in Bavaria touring castles we drove past acres and acres, fields upon never-ending fields of tulips in the Bavarian/Munchen countryside.

Flower Dome Tulipmania

I just loved it. It was far more tulips than I saw in Holland or Amsterdam. Admitedly I was there in winter, so not the more appropriate time to catch a spring flower.

Flower Dome Tulipmania

I don’t like fully open tulips. It might just be me. I like the almost open tulips.

We did a full tour of the flower dome today, not just the special feature. Cacti were in bloom.

We also went in to the cloud forest and a general wander around Gardens by the Bay.

A nice early start got us out of the sun before it got too hot. Being a public holiday today, Good Friday, we also managed to beat the rush.

There is a competition on with the Flower Dome Tulipmania. We entered. The prizes are pretty great, for a short hop there are two prizes to Bali. The first prize winner will get to Amsterdam.

I love living in Singapore.

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