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Foo Fighter Belfast last night

That means we go home today. We have had breakfast and have a late check out so a few more hours sleep and then off to the airport.

As for the concert, it was TW’s pick. I don’t really know their stuff. I knew some of their songs and we were up the front of the back. TW was too cheap to pay for the front section tho I’d assumed those were the tickets we would buy when I asked him. He said no let’s do the cheapo ones and then he spent the night wishing we had paid the 30 pound extra.

Of all the concerts it would make sense that the band I didn’t pick and the one where we had to stand outside in the rain was my least favourite. And it is my least favourite. Songs that I didn’t know I didn’t enjoy and at the other concerts I did enjoy the unknown songs.

The supporting acts, well Frank Cater and the Rattlesnakes really brought it but I don’t know their stuff either. There was a lot of interacting with the crowd, as in he jumped off stage and just stood in the crowd to perform. I thought that was interesting, I am sure security found it bothersome or slightly difficult at best.

It was a decent show, half way through the Foo Fighters set we moved back. I was over being pushed about from the sides and behind and the girl in front had been kicking me. Her and her boyfriend had taken up a tonne of room and squeezed in past us earlier in the day and then she was a total dick. They stole space from others who were on the rail long before they arrived and I was happy to stand in the gap between her and the person next to her but she insisted on kicking me. I felt sad for her and how miserable her life must be. It was intentional kicking, not tapping to the beat. A lift the leg, bend at the knee and slam her heel in to my shin, reapetedly and stop when security looked her way. Which was a decent amount of time because they were right in front of us. But she can’t have been enjoying the concert too much if she spent half her night trying to kick my legs out from under me.

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