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Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning old gate

Yesterday we decided to explore Fort Canning Park. What a wonderful oasis in the heart of everything.

Fort Canning Park
The fence running along the path

There is no shortage of public and green space in Singapore and that is part of the reason I love it so much but Fort Canning is one of the only hills in Singapore. The country is pretty flat to mildly undulating so this hill is pretty special. It is smack bang in the thick of things but offers great tranquillity. You can hear everything around you, there is no escape from that but visually, it is just really stunning to sit or stand in the park and see no hint of the city.

Fort Canning Park
My phone auto selected greenery for this photo. Hmmm.

So green, so lush, so tropical.

Fort Canning old gate
The old gate at Fort Canning

Just so much overgrown tropical goodness. The park isn’t huge and the water reservoir is up there too. There are spaces where you can see through the trees or over the tops but I liked the escape. Taller people than me have far more opportunity to take in views over the city. For those that don’t know, I am short so seeing over the top of anything is a difficult task for me.

Fort Canning Park
We tried to do the thing where TW would be in it 10 times. Didn’t quite get it right.

Messing about with my new phone and the panorama setting.

Fort Canning Park
The second time we did worse. We will work it out.

Portrait setting also impressed me.

Fort Canning Park to Clarke Quay
Leaving the park to head over to Clark Quay I tried out Portrait mode on my new phone. I think it works well. Maybe I won’t take a surprise photo next time.

I am sure we will be back to have a proper look around and explore as there were a fair few things up there. Yesterday we just did the, “how to find it and where do these paths take us?” version.

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