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Freedom, taken by rain

Today is the last day of dine in for a while but we are having a nice heavy downpour right now so we can’t really go anywhere. Not that is matters actually. It is 9:30am and nothing in Singapore opens until 11am anyway. By 11am I would expect the rain to have passed.

It just feels like the day is mostly over because I get up so early and have done so much already.

Tomorrow our non-lockdown lockdown starts. For maybe a month. In 2 weeks they will reassess the length, I heard. I didn’t get that information from an official source and I am not too worried about the length to be honest.

My operation will still go ahead. I am not sure if I can still go to class in person. I should find out later today. A lot more things are allowed in this lockdown compared with our original lockdown but a lot less things are allowed than when we had our phase 2 stage. So. …

I guess I have plenty of time to study and zero lunch/high tea/socialisation distractions. My course will end before lockdown ends though.

Anyway, today started off fun. My new album arrived yesterday and I showed Triston which photo cards I got. Last time he said he would put one in his wallet so this time he was like “ugh, I really don’t care,” but as I got closer he was like, ‘oh, ok I see,’ then when I was walking away to put it back in the album he reached for it. I got the joke so I didn’t give it to him but he still went over to his wallet. Yeah, yeah, I got the joke, it will be the photo in your wallet. It was a very pretty photo.

Such a big box for so little contents

카이 you have competition from 박찬열 but it was 키 that I already had here that he said he would put in his waller and not 카이, I don’t have one for 카이…. maybe when DMWMT comes… I might get another in that… so… There you go. He is slowly expanding. Haha. Actually, he doesn’t care. Either way. Some of the songs he thinks are ok. I think he is a proper fan of BTS though, I am sure he knows some of their songs. I just haven’t gotten to them yet.

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