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French Polynesia budget

Bora Bora French Polynesia

So how much did our French Polynesia trip cost. It is all well and good to have a look at someones holiday but what did they spend and can you go too? We didn’t have a fixed French Polynesia budget and it probably would have been better if we did but these are the prepaid amounts of our trip. In situ costs need more research and I can do a spending post when I find it.

While at the moment I don’t have to hand the exact amount we spent on food. I can share what our booking costs were.

French Polynesia Budget – flights

Air Tahiti flights:

72,330 XPF each. We did have to pay in XPF and is around $1,000 Aussie at the moment and being Australia we did have pay from AUD. Our Qantas/Air Tahiti Nui flights were $1350 each. Which means on flights alone we spent $4700.

More than I would spend if I bought a ticket but once we had the flights to Pape’ete spending a little more to see the islands that we wanted didn’t feel expensive.


You have have ready yesterdays post and that we stayed in a kind of dodgy but very cheap airbnb for our departure night on Tahiti. That night in an airbnb on was around $30. Our arrival night on Tahiti was also in an airbnb and cost right around $92.

We hired a car for the final night, eventually getting the car meant we did pay for it. I don’t remember exactly how much it was and I can’t find the confirmation for it right now. But lets guess it at $100.

So prepaid items in Tahiti were under $200.


Breakfast was included but it wasn’t an all inclusive stay so we do have a lot of meals to pay for. At the moment I only have the prepaid amount. Our hotel room rate, transfer and breakfasts.

French Polynesia Budget

It was a combo offer and the price was in USD as we used a wholesaler that I know. I didn’t take an agent rate, we took a rate without the commission and had that as the discount instead. If you add the commission back on, including the transfers, we were around $2,200 (USD) for the stay which would convert to $3200 AUD today. I am sure it was less at the time as the AUD has completely tanked in the last 18 months.

For Tikehau, the amount we prepaid was approx $3200 AUD

Bora Bora

Bora Bora came with one night free and we took that night but it meant we stayed a night longer than we intended and had just one night for Moorea.

Yes, we combined offers. Tikehau was a combo deal, we had to book Bora Bora to get the discounted rate. It was about $300 a night cheaper in this package for Tikehau and going within the cheaper season which is why we went there first.

French Polynesia Budget

Bora Bora was about $1800 USD for the 3 nights, which meant it was fairly reasonable for 4 nights. That includes the boat transfers, which aren’t free. I am adding back on any discount we received to try and bring it to a retail price. Lets call Bora Bora around $2700 AUD.


Moorea was the single most expensive hotel per night but one we are glad was included. We almost did an airbnb and thought about ditching it completely.

French Polynesia Budget

Including the car transfers we were looking at over USD500. This is why we left it off. It was a last minute addition when we decided it was just worth it. If we do it once, just do it. The current conversion would be about $820 AUD. Damn, that’s an expensive night!

French Polynesia Budget – Tally

Air Tahiti: $2000
Qantas/Air Tahiti Nui: $2700
Tahiti: $200
Tikehau: $3200
Bora Bora: $2700
Moorea: $820
Total prepaid: $11,620

This is the first time I have added everything together. Well I would have known at the time the AUD cost because I was paying it. We booked the flights in January so we didn’t pay this all at once. I almost wish I didn’t add it up because it cost a lot more than I remember.

Having said that, it was a great trip. We enjoyed it. Tikehau generally, the shark and ray day tour on Bora Bora and the Hilton food were the highlights. We would go back to Moorea and Tikehau but probably not if I price everything all at once because that bill is high. We didn’t pay that much but it is reflective of the retail cost. Oh man now my French Polynesia Budget makes me feel like I should cut costs for the next few months!

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