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Gardens By the Bay with the ‘rents

Yesterday we headed to Satay by the bay for prata and kaya toast for breakfast. I got mum a chocolate banana prata, which she really enjoyed. Dad liked the kaya toast and I really thought mum would but she didn’t. They both liked the Teh and I had to order extra, I told them the secret ingredient was sweetened condensed milk. That’ll do it, they both agreed.

We then headed to the conservatories and spend a fair bit of the morning in there. Lunch was Texas Chicken. Both really liked the biscuits. Part of our meal was not ready so we had to wait. When it was ready, we got a free biscuit. Score!

We took the MRT home so everyone could have a nap, stopping at ecoin in Bugis for Dad to get his hair cut. We were home, relaxing, from 2-6pm.

Dinner was booked in for Majestic Seafood under the flower dome. Lobster noodles, lemon chicken, fried rice, chilli crab buns, spring rolls and a few drinks. Triston and I enjoyed it more than my parents. Oh well, we do tend to eat the hawker food because it is always good value.

Back through the two conservatories and then down to watch the 7:45pm garden rhapsody at the supertree grove. We got a taxi to and from dinner. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it was a pretty full-on day. Especially given my parents can’t walk properly, everything takes a really long time.

That ended my pre-planned activities. What to do tomorrow.

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